Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sometimes you just have to walk through a blizzard

On Monday, I needed to finish up finals and get some errands done and Tim had already left for Utah, so I packed up Tallulah and we bussed over to Little Chicks, an hourly daycare center near our house. We have 20 free hours there a semester, and had only used up about 7 with Atticus one day. After I dropped her off, I headed to the mall to do some returns of things I bought online from Eddie Bauer and REI, then headed to the library to return some books, ate a nice lunch at a cute little pizzeria near the library to celebrate another successful semester of grad school, and my busiest yet (yes that book is my break-time pleasure reading).

 I then had a hair cut appointment from a Groupon I bought from someone we know from Eagle Heights. After a truly amazing hair cut (day three, still love it), the snow was coming down crazy hard and accumulating fast, and I only had about 45 minutes to get from there to pick up Tallulah. While it was only about 2 miles or so away, the bus ride to the transfer center and then down to the center would take that long. I waited for a while for the bus, then realized it probably wasn't coming so started walking. I was pretty bundled up but my fingers were freezing by this point (in my REI ski gloves) and the street was up and down and uphill again. I had no phone (haven't had one for several months now) to call the center and tell them I'd probably be late and no way to check if the busses were still running. I made it to the main(er) street and realized that the busses were running, and guessed that my bus was detoured because the street I was on had so many steep hills.

I made it to the main road, and ended up catching a bus that took me directly to her school, and made it 10 minutes early. Not anticipating a snow storm, I brought her in the Maclaren stroller, which obviously does not do great in 6-inch deep snow piled up on the sidewalks. We walked to the bus stop, waiting for half an hour or so while she happily played in the snow. By this time, the traffic was crazy backed up because of all the accidents on University Avenue, so we instead walked behind some guys running a snow blower all the way to the mall about half a mile down. We went to the Stride Rite store looking for boots (ended up just measuring her foot and ordering some Sorels online for her) and then spent another half an hour waiting for the bus outside the mall (there is a real time app that I used and it said the bus was going to be there at 6:38 pm, but it didn't show up until half an hour later). We did get to wait with a cool couple heading home from watching the Hobbit. They were adorable and super nerdy. We finally made it home and I had absolutely no motivation to clean my house and pack for our trip. Somehow I managed the packing, and I'm not looking forward to returning to a messy house in three weeks.... but oh well, the hard part is over, we made it across the country in a day and Tallulah waited to start throwing up with a stomach virus until we were safely at my in-laws' house. 

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