Monday, December 23, 2013

Thanksgiving week

Monday: We had our first big snow of the year. Our babysitter that was scheduled to come so that we could go on a hot date got sick, so we ordered Chinese instead, the first time we've ever done that, as far as I can remember. We spent $35 and ended up with about four too many meals.

Tuesday: I parent helped at Atticus's school and did some shopping while he was still at school in the afternoon. At Whole Foods I learned that we can get $5 off of every $30 shopping trip whenever we are riding our bikes. If we had known about that before, we would have many more $5.

Wednesday: We had some people over for a playgroup and made some new friends. Cait has a thing for Europeans, and found new friends from Macedonia and Hungary. Always great. Atticus had school in the afternoon.

Thursday: Thanksgiving! We spent a good portion of the day at FUS, where we had a very lovely communal early dinner. Ours were the only kids there, so they got a lot of nice attention. It was organized by a couple, Bob and Kelly, and Kelly spent so much of the day playing with Atticus and even brought some activities especially for him. We spent a lot of the day in the childcare room, basking in the sunlight let in by the wall of windows and letting the kids play for a long time. Atticus and I stayed after Cait went home to put Lulah down for a nap and we were the last ones to leave along with Bob and Kelly. It was sad not to have leftovers but it was great not to have any really prep (besides the broccoli casserole we brought) or cleanup, although we helped a little. It was also nice to meet some new people.

Atticus's teacher Kelly -- she is amazing with the kids (has four of her own, all grown up)

Yummy food, nice folks.

Friday: Pizza night, leftovers style brought no returnees but Cait's new friend from Hungary, Mariann, came over with her two kids Hanna and Bende. They chatted a lot while the kids played nicely in the bedroom for most of the time. Mariann is on the verge of finishing up a PhD in Economics, and they met in a kids' music class that Lulah and Bende are in together.

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