Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week of May 16

This one is late again, sorry. At least I haven't been later than the next Sunday yet.


The speech therapist came on Monday to do some further evaluations of Atticus. This video is really boring and quiet, but if you're interested in the speech delays that they are evaluating, this shows them.

Cait took the kids to play at a park.

New stroller for Morocco trip.

Boons approves.
In the afternoon I took the kids to the bookmobile and the park with our friends Nina and Juna, and Cait joined us after she went to the chiropractor.

At night, Cait ran the story time at Atticus's school and I stayed home with Lulah.


Cait was a parent helper at Atticus's school.

Playing with various friends in the afternoon.


I went to a roundtable that the university sponsored with the Dalai Lama and some scientists from UW, moderated by Ariana Huffington. It was really neat. His optimism for the future, humor and realistic view of todays problems reminds me a lot of President Hinckley. His solutions to the worlds problems were certainly more based in science, secular ethics and a progressive tolerance of diversity, but still a very same feel. He reiterated again and again that feels that he feels that ours is the generation that will cause ethics and morality to finally catch up to a world that advanced so quickly in terms of technology and globalization over that past few decades. A global ethic that makes room for all people, where the person across the world has as much value to you as your next-door neighbor. It was great stuff.

Photography was prohibited, so all you get is the program.
Cait took the kids to Fitchburg for playgroup, biking the whole 8 miles there and 8 miles back. They had a lot of fun. With more playing outside in the afternoon.

The kids taking a break in front of the new tiny TV that we saved from the dumpster.
At night, I had my second Assembly Meeting as Assembly Chair. I'm still working on the post explaining what that means. But basically I ran another meeting where staff and residents get together to talk about whatever issues/events/etc. they want. This time we swore in some new officers (thanks Anna and Sunny!) and talked about getting the carseats for the community cars and considered some different models as well as talking about our the summer plans for the Assembly. Also some other events and programs. It went much better this time.

This is Allison, the outgoing Chair, with Lulah, obviously.


We took the kids in and Cait and I got vaccinations that we are going to need in Morocco, or rather, there is a very small chance that we might possibly need.

At the doctor's office.
After school (where the speech therapist came to evaluate him in a non-home environment), Cait took the kids to play with their friend Juna for the rest of the morning while I cleaned. It was a hot day for here.

And then I took the kids to playgroup in the afternoon at our friend Marci's house. Marci's mom suddenly passed away a little earlier this week, but after this playgroup, really unexpectedly. It was a sad day for a good friend.

With the semester ending, it was the most masculine playgroup yet. We talked about the problems of common science progressing beyond the reach of the average learned person's understanding. You know, the usual.

Cait had her big Arabic final. She did awesome. Cait studied for 3 or 4 hours beforehand and walked away thinking that she was so tired of studying Arabic. Oh wait, that's all she is doing this summer. Plus, training across Europe and hanging out in Germany (which is also in Europe but comes later in the trip).


Cait had her Global Feminsisms test. Also rocked it.

I took the kids and went out to the nature preserve (technically, we live in a nature preserve, so I guess we went to a different part of it) where there was supposed to be some bird banding happening, but Lulah slept in after a rough night and we were too late. So instead we went to one of the mini-beaches along the lake and the kids played in the still-cool water for a while.

That night we went to a graduation party at the community center for some of our friends. The food was really good.


FUS in the morning for Atticus and I. Grocery shopping for Lulah and Cait because Lulah had a bad rash that seemed like it might be contagious. It wasn't. We played around the apartment after that.

Turned out to just be a mild, non-contagious form of the measles in reaction to the vaccination. It cleared up soon after this.
Atticus got finger nails painted.

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