Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week of April 28

This week was full of Cait getting a final paper done and organizing our trip to Morocco. It seems like both are fully completed, and we'll blog about both (if I can convince Cait to blog about what is really an interesting paper) in the coming days. Also, Lulah is teething her molars and putting up a good fight against grumpiness.


We had a big day playing outside and then taking the kids for a walk at night.

Lulah was so tired after a tough night of teething that she just crawled up into my lap and fell asleep for her nap. Sorry for the awkward arm.

Observing from our back porch

Walk in the community gardens.


Lulah and I went to a park and played in the sun with our friends Nina and Juna until it was time to go get brother. Then we went to the ENT where they said Atticus still had one of the tubes in his ears that we put in a few years ago to help with ear infections. Patience class at night, where we did a lot of meditation.

Lulah guarding the door so mommy can't leave. Also a dirty diaper. Sorry.

Crab pool, Juna and bike ride 

Pasta for lunch + hangover?

Story time in the morning at Eliza's house. Cait took the kids to the community center for Atticus's ballet class and then we all went to the international potluck at the center. Another night of walking the kids to sleep.

Another picture of the gardens. We are sad that we are not going to be able to do one this summer.

This time the held hands as they fell asleep.

I was parent helper at Atticus's school in the morning and Cait had a late day in the afternoon getting a final paper done.

Lulah loves her bear

Atticus is the orange dot running away from me in the huge field across from our house. It's still astounding to me that all this grass can grow without sprinklers. But we're not in Utah anymore.

Lulah watches the geese.

Our new babysitter (provided by the university for 3 hours a week) came to watch the kids. That was really nice. It was also nice that Lulah slept for most of her visit. I ventured out in the rain for a piano and vocal performance at FUS and did some work writing online. Then I came home, loaded up the bike with the kids and then went shopping for groceries. By the time we were done, I was pretty wet.


In the morning we went to a bikefest at the community center. It was a really nice idea with free bike helmets, tuneups and seminars as well as information booths. Predictably with all that great stuff, it was overcrowded and being 15 minutes late, we got nothing but bagels and some bike maps. Oh well, Atticus saw some friends. Atticus and I went to about half a softball game and Cait met me with Lulah, and I took the two kids downtown to the children's museum. Because it was kind of impromptu, we didn't bring a stroller and I walked a good two miles with Atticus on my shoulders and Lulah in the wrap. My back was tired after, but it was a lot of fun. State Street, a pedestrian and bike only (mostly) street, which takes us from our free bus to downtown is really a beautiful stretch of shops and small parks. And it was lively on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Cait, during this time, was finishing her paper. Anyway, we came home really tired, but we eventually made it. At night, I went out with some of Cait's friends to a Star Wars trivia night at a local restaurant. It was a lot of fun, even if I felt left out of some of the dynamics of a trivia team that has been going strong for a few years now, entering tournaments and whatnot.

The big male Turkey that seems to be the alpha male of the group of Turkeys (a "rafter" or "gang" apparently) that lives in Eagle Heights/U Houses

At the softball game they handed out the foam fingers, but Atticus was so scared to get his signed by Bucky the Badger

He loves it. Can't you tell?

In the morning, we went to FUS and took the pledge in front of the congregation that makes us full members of the society and had a lunch with other new members. It was nice and should get its own post. We spent the rest of the day playing outside, with the home teachers coming over later in the afternoon, and I had a good discussion with them. Atticus and I also explored the local dirt pile for a few hours and he picked dandelions all day.

He was doing a funny walk in this photo. Also, his hair is getting awesome.

This would have been a super awesome place to play if it wasn't so close to the road, which while it isn't too busy, is still a road.

Dirty feet=good day

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  1. I'm jealous of your no-need-to-water-your-grass part of the world. Alas.