Monday, May 6, 2013

Day out and about

Two mondays ago the weather was awesome this day (for here, we still needed jackets some), for the first time in a while. So we spent the day out and about, with what was probably our family's longest bike ride so far, or at least the toughest because of how hilly these areas were. First, we went to the zoo, then to get Lulah's passport so that we can go to Morocco. Then back to the zoo. Then to the library. Then to Trader Joe's. Then back home. Of course, Atticus fell asleep to early on the way home, so we had to wake him up and have a longer night, but not too long, since we was still exhausted from running around all day.

The carousel at the zoo. We usually don't go for these things, but a $1 carousel in a free zoo? Hard to pass up

I like the progression in all three of my favorite people in these three photos at the penguin viewing window:

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  1. I love that your zoo is free. Madison is such a cool town!