Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week of April 21

Sorry this one is so late. I will keep it short.

Monday: Our big day at the zoo and around town. Let's give this day it's own post.

Tuesday: A school day for Atticus. Cait was deathly ill with likely food poisoning all day and the kids were worn out from the day before, so we stuck around home all day. I went to my second patience class that night.

Wednesday: I had my first meeting with the FUS library committee. FUS has their own little library and I thought it would be nice to help out, so I'm going to be a co-chair and try to work on keeping the library up to date and try to get people to bring books back. Cait took the kids shopping.

Thursday: School for Atticus. We had a nice story time at our new friend Allison's house. This was also the first day of a string of really nice weather days.

Friday: Atticus had a kids night out at night, and Lulah went to sleep early. We realized that we aren't good at finding stuff to do at home without kids anymore (the obvious is watch a show together, but one of us usually gets bored with whatever we choose, this night it was East of Eden and we just end up talking instead, this time mainly about our upcoming trip and discomfort with social conformism).

Saturday: In the morning we helped to clean the preschool and then played outside in the gorgeous weather all day. We watched a race in the afternoon. We had a very delightful dinner with our new friends Jenny, Frederick and little J (this gets its own post).

Playing in the preschool playground after cleaning

The race. We have so many that go by here because of the bike path/low traffic roads. I am pretty anxious to start racing again, but I've promised myself not to race until I get in shape (which for me means competitive in races) as an incentive to get back in top shape.
Sunday: FUS in the morning (another full childcare session for Lulah!) and then a very nice birthday party for our friend Eliza in the afternoon (photos in another post). I got my haircut outside right before the birthday party. I've been running as it gets warmer and the long hair was just too much of a bother, maybe next time I'll let it grow out longer and just get used to it.

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