Friday, May 17, 2013

Members of FUS

So, as regular readers of our blog will know, we've been attending the local Unitarian-Universalist church for just under a year now, and two Sundays ago we took the last step in the process of becoming full members. And when I say local, I mean local, FUS (First Unitarian Society of Madison) is the closest building to us that isn't a part of the hospital that is across the big field from us, about a 10 minute walk.

I remember the first Sunday we were here, we were debating whether to go to FUS or to go to Mormon church, and for a number of reasons we chose Mormon church. We left a little bit late and passed FUS right around nine, which was when both Mormon services and the early FUS services begin, we almost went in, but instead, made a very hot and a surprisingly long walk down to Mormon church, and along the way, Lulah somehow lost her favorite toy, Sofie. Subsequently, next week, we just went to FUS instead, this time for their 11am service. I still think, sometimes, what would have happened if the churches were in different places. If they switched places now, we would probably still go out to FUS, because on bikes, its not really that far, but in thosse first few weeks, iit might have made a difference. If there are some eternal consequences to which church you choose (which I now highly doubt), it will be something to ponder over for millenia. We did go to both churches for a long time, but as I kind of felt would happen, we ended up become more and more regular at FUS Sunday morning services, and now we feel like it really is our home.

I could list a lot of specific reasons while we really like FUS, but so many of them would simply be critiques of what we felt was missing at LDS church. So let's just say that we really feel at home there. There's merit to sticking with a group that makes you uncomfortable and trying to help shape a beloved organization into a better place for everyone and I honor those who are doing it, and I also recognize that the vast majority of people in the LDS church feel perfectly at home there; I did once too. However, for us, we feel best in a spiritual home that reflects our deepest held beliefs and values in the most consistent and clearest way, and we've found that fully in FUS.

Here's us the day we signed the book to become members:

Here's us in the member recognition ceremony:

Here's us with two of the three pastors after the member recognition (sorry for the finger in the photo):

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  1. I'm glad you've found a community you enjoy being a part of. Also, Cait looks amazing!!! in that dress.