Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My first UUs

Before we moved to Madison, I had one experience with Unitarian Universalism. One of my very best high school friends, Alice, had two lovely UU parents. They were open-minded and kind and ate tabbouleh. Her mom, Janet, even kept her last name, which I had never even heard of back then and was a strange concept to me. And her dad worked for public television. They also hung their laundry on the line... and get this... opened their windows at night in the spring and fall to let in the cool air and then kept their curtains shut in the day to keep out the sun! And didn't use A/C! How weird, I used to think.

They lived in [what I thought was] a small home and rode their bikes places. They even recycled. They took their daughter and her friends camping and hiking in the mountains.

They were an anomaly in my high school life, and I loved them.

And I realized the other day... we have kind of become them. In the best way possible.

+ Byrd (no relation)

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