Tuesday, December 18, 2012

9-Month Boogs

I was bored of saying the same thing about our perfect babe month after month, so here is Tallulah at 9 months according to her big brother. I asked the questions, he answered (I wish I had videotaped it, it was hilarious).

How old is Boogs?

1- "Three. No... the Guy's three. She's four." "Four what?" "Four Lulas."

What things do you like about Boogs?

1- She smiles.
2- She's my sister.
3- ... so don't make her hurt.
4- Making her laugh.

What is Boogs good at?

1- Soccer.
2- Drinking apple juice.
3- Making pizza.
4- Crawling.
5- Eating Caillou.

What's Lu's favorite food?

1- Peas.
2- Applesauce.
3- Her lips.

What names do you like to call Tallulah?

1- Baby Fern.
2- Get the flashlight.
3- Lula.
4- Sister Lu.
5- Apple juice (sounds like "toot")
6- Boogsa.

What are Lu's favorite toys?

1- Rolling pin.
2- Apple juice.
3- Binky.

What does Lula like to do?

1- Sleep.
2- Reach the iPad.
3- Stand up.
4- Go "up, down, up, down" (on her knees, she likes to bounce)
5- Sleep under the Christmas tree.
6- Take a bath.

What is Lula's favorite book?

1- I Go to the Hospital.
2- Clifford the Dog.
3- Colors book.

(he then proceeded to go pull his favorite books off the shelf and read them, thereby ending our interview).

He loves her. 


  1. I love that he said, "Baby Fern." We call Wesley "Baby Todd," sometimes. (Todd is his middle name.)

    This is a great idea. Maybe I'll steal it.

  2. i seriously cannot believe how big she is! and it makes me smile when she wears alice's clothes :)

  3. I am so in love with your kidlets. When they get older you should send them for summer backpacking trips with Aunty Dana around Tahoe.

  4. Haha she is obviously quite accomplished. That was a good interview.