Monday, April 16, 2012

Month One

Poor Tallulah Fern. She will never be as well-documented as her brother, but she gets just as much love and cuddling and breast milk so I'm not feeling too guilty about it. The real reason behind my lack of documentation is her inability to sit by herself, she has to be constantly held, and she is. Thus, hard to type. BUT, she has many life experiences under her belt already, including 8 plane rides, traveling to four states, and having a girls' night out in NYC in a hotel on Times Square.

At one month, Tallulah loves:

- Being held, rocked, carried around in the Sleepy Wrap

- Airplane rides

- Being outside at the park

- Baths and showers

- Pooping in the bath

- Her Grammy

- Sleeping all afternoon

- Meeting Elmo

- Nursing at the MoMa


Tallulah dislikes:

- Being put down

- Her gastrointestinal issues

- Pooping not in the bath

- Atticus jumping on her

- When Mom eats milk, chocolate, onions, garlic, etc.

- Loud noises when she is trying to sleep

- Sleeping at night


She is beautiful, feisty, noisy, and opinionated. It is amazing how different she is from our firstborn. Atticus still adores her, and all week when we were gone he kept asking "Where'd Lula go?" to which he'd reply to himself "Oh, go on airplane." She still sleeps in the bed with me while Dad sleeps with Atticus in the other bedroom, though we are thinking of integrating sleeping spaces soon. She loves to cuddle next to me in the night, and hates being placed too far away. She has feminine, long fingers and toes so we think she will be tall and skinny like her Dad. She definitely has my facial features, and my mom thinks one of her pictures looks like her (my mom) as a baby. She is starting to chunk up and it getting little rolls on her thighs. She is healthy and strong and we think she is the cutest little girl ever born in our family.

Lupus long toes

Taken by Atticus



  1. Very long toes. I saw five week old little girl this week with freakishly long arms and fingers. She looked like she was about three months old because she was so long, but you could tell she was still pretty new because of the way she was moving.

    Beautiful Lula, can't wait to meet ya!

  2. I just love seeing babies in wraps. You both look great!