Monday, April 9, 2012

Angels in the airport

This blog post is brought to you from Delta flight 985, which was almost missing a me and a Lu had some divine intervention not helped us out. Totally my fault I arrived at the airport less than 31 minutes before my flight was scheduled to take off. I misread the itinerary in my sleep-deprived state, and therefore, went to check-in and was told I would have to get on a different flight and arrive hours later than planned and pay a fee. The male Delta employee was not sympathetic to my plight, but after negotiating with him, he printed out my boarding pass and sneered, "good luck making it through the THIRTY MINUTE security line."

Well, said security line only took about ten minutes, even with taking baby out of wrap, hauling car seat and carry-on, and not taking out my mini tube of toothpaste...

I was then booking it through the airport, baby in tow, car seat in one hand and carry-on dragging behind. My gate would be the absolute farthest away, and I was dying near the end. Out of nowhere, appeared a tall, handsome and saintly Delta employee, smiling and running toward me; he grabbed my baggage and car seat and helped me to my gate. Then, three beautiful, smiling Asian women greeted me, took my boarding pass, and exclaimed: "we left the seat empty next to you since we knew you had an infant!"

If those are not the greatest words ever spoken to a frazzled, traveling mother, I am not sure what are.



  1. Thank goodness for helpful people!! I went through security twice with Logan in the Baby Bjorn and they didn't make me take him out. I wonder what official policy is, because without having to take him out I made it through security in about 3 minutes.

  2. That's awesome! Hope your trip went/is going well.

    P.S. I enjoyed your breastfeeding while working segment. :)