Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lu

Baby girl continues to delight us with her usual sweet demeanor and occasional feisty temperament. Big brother loves her more and more every day, and when she is not around, he is usually asking "Where's baby? Where'd Lulu go?" As soon as she cries, he rushes in, singing "... this is SERIOUS. We have to HELP HER!" 

He also likes to pretend to nurse on my shoulder while baby is eating now that he is pretty much done with the real thing.

I've cut out dairy to help with her tummy issues, and it seems to be helping. She used to grunt constantly and was pooping weird, but now it's normal, runny mustard-type poops. She did projectile vomit yesterday, which was a little concerning, especially since it wasn't even after a nursing session, just random. Needless to say, she is now sleeping elevated on her side lest she spit-up, choke, and die. The no-dairy thing is definitely worth a happy baby. I have clients all the time that have fussy, stomach-issues babies that are not willing to do it, they'd rather put their baby on soy formula (which has the equivalent of many birth control pills of estrogen for a baby every day, yuck). I do miss cheese, but Almond Dream chocolate ice cream is better than the real thing. Delicious.

I wish I had more interesting things to blog about, but my life is currently consumed by breast milk, poop, and not having time to shower (like, when I actually want to be showering every day, I don't have the time... figures). I am going to fly to Wisconsin and New Jersey next week, so then I will have more exciting things to report on, like where we are actually going to live next year! But for right now, I'm confined to my bedroom while I recover from a recent bout of mastitis (horrible, horrible) and rest up for next week (and the next week, when Tim has finals, and then the next week when we move, and the next week when we drive across the country). Oh, I am going back to work tomorrow, but my life will still be consumed by breastfeeding and infant stool consistency. 


  1. I like to call those last three pictures: "milk face". :)

  2. Oh, Wonder Pets :)

    I've been going dairy free for three months now, and it is hard, but oh so worth it. I agree that soy formula is the worst.

  3. She is so cute! I totally agree about showers. We've been worried about baby poop too. He was screaming and arching his back during bowel movements and acting constipated. I was wondering if it was dairy, but it seems to be better since I started eating lots of clue if there's a connection.

  4. Cait, I'm working on getting a youtube up of colic relief infant massage protocol because I teach it to tons of moms who have colicky babies... When you follow the protocol every day for two weeks, colic is reduced by 75%. Also, the top causes of colic in mom's diet are 1)/chocolate
    2) onions
    3) garlic
    and after that the most common allergens.
    I'll let you know when I get the video up.