Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home again

I planned on blogging all week with the run-down of my thoughts, pros/cons, feelings towards Wisconsin vs. Rutgers.... but the iPad keyboard died the first day we were gone, thus preventing me from doing such. It would've  been nice to have feedback during the difficult decision-making process, but when it came down to it, Tim offered a little input and the decision was solely mine. I loved Wisconsin: the environment (though it was quite cold even in April, but we'll get used to it!), the beautiful lakes, the cool downtown area where there are no cars, only bikes and buses. I liked the family housing, the bus that runs through the family housing to campus and downtown (every 7 minutes during the day!), and the other students we met that lived there. I liked how bike-friendly it was (paths everywhere!) and the fact there is a Whole Foods AND Trader Joe's within a mile. Plus, cheap children's museum (memberships start at $9 a year if you are on WIC or some other low-income program. $9!!!) and FREE ZOO. Health insurance for families is apparently awesome and we will only be paying $100 a month (so awesome they will pay for a CSA, gym membership, etc.)

The Political Science department at Wisconsin is a top program and I really felt like all of the professors there were not only doing interesting research and involved in cutting-edge scholarship, but were truly involved in mentoring doctoral students and would be excellent teachers as well. I felt right at home on the campus and among the professors and other graduate students.

And while Rutgers had its merits and their program in Women in Politics is well-known, it could not hold a candle to the program at Wisconsin and the cool city of Madison. So, decision made, acceptance and rejection sent, Wisconsin it is!

(Also, the trip was so fun. I met really awesome people in Wisconsin and stayed with a really neat couple who were supremely hospitable. Having my mom around in New Jersey was great, she is so helpful with my child, fun to hang out with, and likes to spend money! Perfect vacation for me!)

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  1. Very exciting. I'm so happy for you. Maybe in a few summers we'll take a road trip your way... I'm thinking Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, etc. all the way to Madison.