Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Chapter of Book

UPDATE: I think I got the link right this time. The link is here.

So I have made it through my first wave of finals/final papers. Really, I've only done one paper and one final, but I also have another paper pretty much finished leaving me with one paper and two finals left to do. I'm not really stressing about any of it. One final will be SUPER easy (Middle East Anthropology) and the other will be on something I am comfortable with (Political Science 110). The paper should also be interesting, as it's on the "rejection of the infantilization of women" in the books that we've read for my women's lit class.

All that to say that I've spent some time on my book, both as an escape from schoolwork and as a reward for finishing (rewriting has been a rewarding experience so far). So I present to you the first chapter of my very first book Hot Chocolate in Here which is about two hopeless guys who hire pirates to help them convince girls to join them in marriage, but everything goes wrong, until turtles save the day. I have it open for comments (I think) so feel free to leave them in droves.

Some decisions that I have to make include (which I would love to hear comments on):

1) Price
a) 2.99 is definitely the highest I would go, which also gets me 75% commission on Amazon. This seems a little high, but I am also a very cheap person.
b).99 or 1.50 which is more reasonable but only gets me 35% commission.
c) free which gets me %100 of nothing, but gets my name out there and will get a lot more people to read my book

2) Pen Name
a) Timothy K. Browning, or some alternative of my usual name Tim Browning, Timothy Browning
b) T.K. Browning which is the name I've had in my head for a long time, but it sounds a lot like J.K. Rowling
c) T. Kay Browning which I also like, but makes me sound like a girl, which wouldn't be the end of the world
d) Timothy Carroll borrowing Cait's last name
e) Separate names for my humorous books and my more serious books, which would be easier for individual books but would make it harder to gain name recognition.


  1. Tim, I'm excited to read this. For some reason, though, I can't get the link to your first chapter to work. Would you mind adding the link again?

    I vote for T.K. Browning. It sound like a name that would suit a literary giant.

  2. 1) B/C (which, in Soil Taxonomy would mean bits of C contained within B)

    2) A.2