Thursday, March 15, 2012

The New Baby

Here are photos and a picture of the new baby, hesitantly named Tallulah Fern Carroll-Browning. You can see all the stats in this picture. (All the picture qualities will be a little low, since we have a clunky old iPad 2, but we'll get high quality photos as soon as they are available).

The birth went really well, but I think I'll let Cait tell the whole birth story. Here's pictures from the birthing time. Our good friends Charla, Austin, Melissa and Analiesa came to help Cait in her moment of epic struggle.


Atticus was really good, even while feeling a little ill from a round of shots he had the day before in preparation for the baby coming over. He fell asleep for a while, but mainly he watched shows and ate snacks.


Like I said the birth went just as planned and resulted in a happy meeting between mom and baby.

Baby got checked and then there was some quality skin to skin time.

Atticus spent the night with some friends and Cait and I (mainly Cait) worked on getting a fairly fussy Tallulah through the night. She was fussy and it was probably just a little too much milk on her first day. We're using a pacifier now a little bit and that seems to be helping.

Today we've just spent a pleasant day with just the three of us as we still haven't picked up Atticus, but I will do that soon. So here are the last few pictures and a video.


What I like about this one (I'm not sure if it will come through clear) is her name, of course, but also the "universal precautions mandatory" sign, which probably has something to do with all the standard procedures we opted out of right after birth. It also says "cutie" on the little tag, which makes me wonder if there is a tag that says "not-so-cute" or "kind of ugly." Probably not.


  1. Tallulah has the exact same initials as me, just in a different order. I am so.happy for you guys. We can't wait to meet her!

  2. Guys. I am SO happy for you! She is so cute and her arms look so long! Looking at her sleeping with her name written above her head nearly made me cry. I love it all.

  3. Love you guys. Thanks for posting already. Get out your good camera. Remember, she'll never be one day old again. :)

  4. Congrats Caitlin and Tim and Atticus! You beat me to one of my fav girl names ; ) She is adorable, hope all are feeling, and sleeping, well soon!

  5. Congrats you guys! I love the skin to skin picture.