Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nearing the end...

Since these may very well be the last few hours/days/weeks I'm pregnant ever in this mortal life (though I've told Tim if eternity is an endless round of pregnancies, count me OUT), I feel as if I should be savoring every kick, every craving, and every thought of "Is this it? Could this be it? Was that a real contraction?" I'm trying to, eating plenty of Haagen Dazs ice cream (readers, if you have not had their chocolate peanut butter, get up, drive to the store, and buy it RIGHT NOW) and relaxing to lots of Hypnobabies. Last week, my midwife said I wouldn't make it to this week. This week, my midwife gave me strict instructions to not go anywhere this weekend and that they would probably be seeing me tonight. Apparently, baby is very, very low (which was a duh for me because holy ouch in my bum all day long) and I'm almost completely effaced, but still 4 cm dilated (but we don't birth by numbers in Hypnobabies). I told her I have no idea when to come to the hospital because with Theodore, my contractions didn't really "hurt" until I was a good 7-8 cm along and the only reason I went to the hospital is because he was posterior and my back was killing me. This baby is decidedly anterior with a big old bum sticking out above my belly button for the past few weeks, and the idea of packing Theodore in the car in the middle of the night only to be sent home is the least desirable thing in the world to me right now. Not to mention, he has an ear infection and we are starting antibiotics, so it'd be great if we could give him a few days to recover. I'm still convinced labor will be long and drawn-out like the first time, but with baby's ideal position, being low, and it being the second time around... maybe not.

This pregnancy has treated me fairly well, but the lack of being able to bend over with shooting pains through my lower half, and the lack of sleep due to contractions and discomfort (though sleeping is surprisingly better than the last month), and just my eager anticipation of meeting this tiny girl, (oh, and the fact I have plans to visit grad schools March 20th...) has me wishing for her sooner rather than later. But at the same time, work has me on the schedule another two weeks (and we need the money), Theodore is sick and contagious so wouldn't be able to come to the hospital, the whole wedding thing this weekend, etc. etc. has me wishing she'll stay put just a week longer.

And I leave you with this, the height of pregnancy bliss at my blessingway a few weeks ago, courtesy of my dear friends (Austin, Charla, Tallia, Raquel, Jen) and cousin Nessa (the great Henna artist):

Every pregnant woman should have a blessingway with her awesome, hippie, slightly-Pagan friends.

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  1. I'm sure it's much more nerve wracking for you wondering when she will come, but I'll be checking your blog for frequent updates too! I'm sure Charity wouldn't mind sharing her birthday or josh mind sharing his wedding day. So