Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The days before the Lu

I decided I didn't want baby's blog name to be Clementine, because I think that is our next daughter's name (don't tell Tim that, he's pretty sure we are done...)

So, to me, she is Lulu. And she will remain so on this blog for all intents and purposes.

I just didn't want our pre-new-baby life to be lost in the shuffle of all the baby-having posts. Mostly because we did a few fun things in the days leading up to her birth, and I want her to remember how cool her mom is, 38 weeks pregnant.

On Saturday, we went for a hike up Rock Canyon for a couple of hours, intending to get labor started. Well, we failed because contractions actually stopped, ironically enough. But it was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a glorious time. The funnest (and funniest) part was Theo's re-enactment of his Dora the Explorer book, with excerpts taken from various episodes as well. He occasionally would stop, point the ground and say "rocks, tree, mountain" as those were his three landmarks on his map. He also at one point shouted, "oh  no, a bear!" just like in his book. It was so, so hilarious.

Last pregnancy photo....

We also played at the parks in Rock Canyon, until Theodore couldn't keep himself up any longer:

Monday was boring, but Tuesday was filled with dentist appointments, vaccines, a midwife appointment ("any day now... really!") and then on to work and getting our car fixed (it needed a new oil pan). After work, we ate dinner with the Lees and then a sleepy guy and we went to the Democratic Caucus for part of Utah County. Our precinct had all of 5 people there, and picking the delegates and precinct chair was kind of like "do you want to do it? no... me neither... well someone has to do it".

Hello, 38-week 30-pound weight gain pregnant face!

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