Friday, March 30, 2012

Life with two kids

The transition to two has been rather seamless. I highly recommend everyone with two children have a husband that only leaves for three hours a day. The one day he was gone from 9-5 I thought I would die a little inside by the end of the day. So, kudos to you full-time SAHMs, glad I'm not one of you. I'm going back to work next week already, I was getting antsy and they agreed to throw me on the schedule for April. We've already started pumping and feeding baby daughter a bottle every few days to prepare. Ok, I'm doing the pumping, Tim is doing the feeding, baby is doing the eating (and awesome at it, check out the fat rolls). I hated, hated, hated pumping with Theodore, but this time around I'm not minding it. I think being around pumps for the past year every day has me appreciating them a bit more. Breastfeeding at the breast is still way preferable, but at least I know now that I won't dread pumping as much as I thought I would. Plus, pumping in a clean room at WIC will be MUCH different than pumping in that nasty, nasty Provo Bakery bathroom (plus, working with all women who love breastfeeding almost as much as me versus telling my male co-workers I needed to go pump and watching them get a little awkward).

Theodore does this hilarious thing recently. He got into watching Blue's Clues on Netflix after baby sister was born, and now will sit in our read chair with a pen and notebook and "think." If we sing the thinking chair song, he puts his hands on his face like Steve. He does this almost daily.

Tim called this one: "[Theodore] Hanson"

We go outside for hours a day now that the weather has taken a turn for the best.

Multi-taking mother

First bath

First bottle, post first-bath

First family photo (thanks Charla!)

Ridiculous face, playing "Non-Violent, Politically Correct War" (from Katy and Becca).

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  1. Oh my goodness, she's cute. I can totally tell she's a fussy, demanding baby. At least Atticus has Tim's personality. And when I saw that pic of him with the long hair I thought "Hanson" before I read the caption. Adorable.