Monday, March 12, 2012

Nope, no baby, thanks for checking in

Everyone is asking for updates, and I don't feel like texting all of this in many messages, so here is the deal:

This weekend, the contractions really picked up in frequency and intensity. On Saturday, we went hiking for a few hours in Rock Canyon (whoa, was the weather gorgeous this weekend... welcome spring!), and though I actually felt great the whole time (no pressure/contractions which was crazy considering what we were doing), the subsequent Costco trip left me feeling like I couldn't stand up. Saturday night they subsided and I was able to sleep (though fitfully) them off.

Sunday, things picked up like crazy and we thought this was probably the day she'd come. Sometime in the evening, they started coming every 4-5 minute with tons of pressure and lower back pain. We stopped by the Lees for a while and hung out, then left Theo there (he's been begging for "An-bell" for weeks, and then once we arrived, he hugged her briefly and promptly ran to her toy room without her and stayed there for an hour by himself) and went to get checked at the hospital. Still no cervical change, not in real labor. I ended up exhausted by the time we left, and slept great last night, so it was a blessing in disguise to not be up laboring all night if it was the real deal.

Contractions have all but ceased this morning, though I can barely walk from all the hip pain and pressure from her tiny head. But all in all, we had a really nice weekend, Theo was totally pleasant and has been sleeping through the night now that the weather has warmed and our house is not quite so cold. We are loving playing all day outdoors again, and our fridge is stocked with delicious things to eat (now that the weather has warmed, we've shifted from soups and casseroles to salads and wraps and tons of fruit... which I prefer and are easier to make). I'm sleeping better (I've only been waking up every three hours... and the other day I managed a six hour stretch... it was amazing). Tim is doing really well in school and getting ahead, and we've kept our house really clean in anticipation of having to leave any minute and not come back for two days. It's been really nice actually.

Apparently, my body creates such an ideal gestational environment, my babies don't want to come out despite all the odds stacked against them! I've been reading lots of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" in preparation for childbirth. Dr. Northrup thinks dysfunctional labor patterns are caused by a mother's ambivalence towards actually having the baby (not the birthing part, but the mothering part), so maybe I'm just not ready yet to be a mother of 2 and need a few more days/weeks to work through my emotions.

I'm working a full week because of conferences and such this week, so hopefully that will help things go by fast and not have me so antsy. Tim thinks that's why I'm holding her in, because we need the money and the longer I work, the more we'll have. I have no idea what's creating the long, drawn-out prodromal labor, but all babies are born eventually, one way or another! I definitely won't be pregnant a month from now.

Or will I!?


  1. The hip pain is the worst, I had that the whole time I was in labor. We'll keep you in our prayers and can't wait to see your little girl!

  2. Next month...mmmm. Maybe she's holding out for her Poppy's birthday!

  3. Thanks for the update. And I hope, for your sake, she's not born on Poppy's birthday!