Monday, February 7, 2011


After guest blogging on Friday, I decided that I want to be a professional blogger. I would probably need a better design. And more interesting posts. And better photography skills. Cuter clothes and a perfectly decorated home. Could I do it? Is my writing good enough and my life unique enough? Maybe, but I probably would rather have a real career, actually. Like being a midwife or a women's studies professor. Something a little more meaningful (no offense, professional Mormon mommy bloggers! I still love to read about your picture-perfect lives and envy them at times). On that note, did I ever post the Salon article on obsessively reading Mormon housewife blogs? I think it's fascinating, yet I can't stand how she is all like, "but I'm a feminist!" because HELLO, Mormon housewives can be feminist too (see But seriously, aren't we as cute as the Langs? She doesn't even have substantive posts but has 847 followers and sponsors and all! I mean, they are ridiculously young and cute, but we could be too (if we tried). We have the darling kid thing down, at least. And Tim has the 'stache. Ok, maybe I'll never be as adorable as her. Because I'd have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothing and wear make-up and shave my legs, etc. I alternate on a regular basis between outwardly wanting to be a super-hippie granolie type person with long, flowing skirts and linen shirts, and secretly wanting to be super cute and hip with skinny jeans and Anthropologie tops.

Speaking of clothing, is it pathetic that I want to buy maternity clothes considering I won't be having a baby for a while?? Old Navy is having a sale today, and I love their maternity stuff. I am kind of excited to get pregnant again because I get to buy maternity clothes - most of my clothes during last pregnancy were my sister Lauren's or my friend Melissa's.

I love a cute fitted maternity shirt. Sometimes I miss being pregnant. Mostly just after 15 or so weeks.

How lovely is this dress?

Thanks to Bridget, I have watched the first three installments of Downton Abbey over the weekend.

I don't think I've ever been more addicted to a television series. The acting is superb. Maggie Smith's facial expressions are absolutely perfect, and a lot of her lines remind me of my own dear grandmama.

I am newly obsessed with this little band, Ödland (discovered on Girl's Gone Child):

Happy Monday!


  1. Cait! I totally agree- i want to be a professional blogger too! except yeah, why is it that most 'famous' blogs don't really have sustance- they're just a few picture and words. hmmm... well, anyways, I LOVE your blog, so keep writing even after you achieve that awesome career :)

  2. We need a working mormon mothers blog. Is there one I don't know about? There should be one. With guest bloggers, and if you start it you could guest blog as often as you'd like.

  3. Now that I write fewer words I have a lot more readers. So weird. Whatever.

    A. Love those maternity clothes. I was at ON the other day and was totally tempted as well.

    B. LOVE Downton Abbey. So glad to find a fellow fan!

  4. Love the Salon article. I'm going to Old Navy tomorrow. Will watch Downton Abbey. And I don't really like that band.

  5. Isn't DA SO GOOD??? I just want to watch it all over again. Maggie Smith has the best lines.

  6. I also watched Downton Abbey. I thought it was really well done!