Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm a guest blogger!

I was so flattered when Lauren asked me to be a guest blogger on Life in Labels.

Here's the result: attachment parent.

This is a post I've been thinking about in my head for a few months now, so I'm happy to have had the opportunity to finally type it out and put it into words.

So, you should read it and let me know your thoughts.

And how cute is this video?


  1. Great article Cait! i have loved hearing all about your parenting methods and ideas. i love it most of all because you present the ideas but you don't make anyone feelg guilty if they do it differently. Some of the AP methods i am planning on and very excited for- breastfeeding, carrying my baby in a wrap, co-sleeping. But i won't be doing the cloth dipering- I pick and choose what i want to do. And i have some friends who think i'm crazy fr wanting to do that much. I agree with you- mothers and fathers need to customize their methods for themselves and their child. Keep writing, i love it!

  2. First things first- that is a dang cute commercial. We had to watch it like 5 times. And I may have to post it on my blog.

    Then- that was a great post. I think sometimes all of our grand parenting ideals change when we actually have children, so it is important for us to all be patient and accepting of one another while we find what works best for our family. Every parent is different and every child is different and we are all just searching for the best method of parenting that child.

    And finally- I love that you decorated his crib with rainbows.