Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 4

So far this month, my attempt at winning a fourth National Novel Writing Month is going well (winning means you finish). So far I've been consistently writing more than I need to every day, and the Nanowrimo websited says I am on schedule to finish three days early. I'm hoping to bump that up a little and be done by Thanksgiving, like I was last year. Like last year, I am including everything I write (including this blog post) in my word count. For me, this month's goal is to create 50,000 words that are uniquely mine, even if they have nothing to do with the story that I'm writing. Last year, I made lame attempts to include papers and other writings into the story, this year, I am not even trying. They just get copied and pasted to the front of the novel to for tracking convenience.

My actual story is doing fairly well. I'm not sure what kind of plot it has, but I do have some general themes I'd like to explore, like governance and decency, the idea of a utopia, and the conflict of different moral obligations, such as family vs. community. The tentative idea I have is that a King's daughter is slated to take over the throne, but doesn't want it or think she will do a good job, so she goes on a quest to find the best person in the kingdom to rule and then fights to get that person instated. The trick is that the person the King's daughter finds has no desire for the throne, because no good ruler desires power. Can she convince him and can she convince everyone else to follow him? This story appeals to me because I can drag out that search part for a long time and introduce a bunch of new characters. I also think I will try telling the story from both of the main characters points of view and see if that helps. Also, some people will fall in love. That helps.

Any ideas or suggestions, let me know and I will almost certainly include them. Now I might go and actually write in my book. Or I might clean our house a little. Or work on my test for tomorrow. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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  1. I would make a beautiful queen and am the right age-hint, hint.