Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Becoming car-free

My parents offered to buy us a new car if we gave Allison our little Civic. I was very excited at this proposition because I've been wanting the AWD and space of a Subaru Outback for some time now. Plus they give you hippie street cred.

But.... we were on the verge of purchasing a 2001 Outback when we decided we do not actually really NEED a car. It's nice to have, but we made the conscious decision to go without, at least for a trial period. I want to see if we can actually do it, I mean I know we can but I'm eager to see how much it changes our lives. It'll be tricky with the impending snow season, but with the bus running right by our house and bikes, we have transportation options. Plus, I can get a ride to work most days, and will just have to take the bus home two days a week. Not that big of a deal. We'll save money on gas, insurance, and registration... cars (even free ones) are expensive to keep up!

In addition to our decision this week, we also were invited to a Transportation Symposium, all about mass transit/biking in the greater Provo area! We will for sure be attending.

We'll keep you updated on our car-free situation. It's something we have been contemplating for a while now, and I'm happy to say we are finally making the plunge to attempt to live car-free.

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  1. No car = super hippie street cred. Way better than the Subaru. Good luck.