Monday, November 8, 2010

Healthy does not equal skinny

I think about my weight a lot, especially since coming back from Egypt. Both Cait and I lost a lot of weight there, and while she looks great, I am grotesquely skinny. I would like to say I only worry about being skinny because of the health issues, but that's not true, because I do care about what people think of how I look. But my identity problems aren't at the core of this post. This is:

Here's a CNN report about a Kansas State professor who lost 27 pounds on Twinkie and Swiss Role based diet, which is funny because that almost mirrors my experience in Egypt (where Twinkies cost 5 cents and are on every corner). The conclusion the article draws is that to lose weight, calorie input vs output is pretty much the only factor, which is true as far as I can tell. My conclusion is different: Losing weight does not make you healthy. It might make you healthier, if obesity related health problems are serious for you. They're not for me. Like the article says (or should say) healthy varies from person to person. I just like this article because it confirms my belief (which is always nice) that the common description of healthy foods as low-fat and low-calorie is not a universal description of healthy and that overall, skinny does not equal healthy.


  1. True. Why is it so hard for people to eat healthy? Because of the crap and marketing they are fed as children.

    I don't really like fruit. I love vegetables. My mom never bought fruit when I was a kid. We always had vegetables. True story.

    My kids love fruits and vegetables. They also like candy. Do I give them tons of candy? Well, this past week was an outlier, but usually, no, they eat healthy food.

    The end. Parents/people are lazy. And our nation is fat.

  2. Cait isn't a big fan of fruit either. I love the stuff.

  3. I don't really like fruit! I'd rather have vegetables for breakfast. Healthy = delicious in my opinion. This morning I ate whole-milk yogurt with granola, flax, and frozen blueberries. Probably incredibly calorie-rich, but also very healthy!

  4. That's a great breakfast. I had grits, eggs, and toast. Not my usual of Kashi with soy milk.

  5. I really think we don't like fruit because Mom never fed it to us. I love most every veggie, though, but berries, apples, etc. I'll eat them, but give me steamed broccoli or roasted asparagus anyday.