Thursday, November 4, 2010

At Home

This is my second stay-at-home dad post, because I feel like we just had a great day today. I was pretty busy during the first of the week and so I took a semi-day off from school work and just enjoyed time with the guy. We watched a movie together, well most of a movie, which movie would be "7 pounds." It's good enough that I might want to rewatch it with Cait before I finish it.

So yeah, a lot of time playing on the floor, a lot of time out in the leaves and some time doing the dishes together. Doing the dishes is Anakin's new favorite thing. Unfortunately, no pictures of doing the dishes are available yet. What are available are some playing the leaves pictures:

 (still working with the camera)

Overall, we're having a great time. I'm also doing pretty well in school. I got my first ever 100% on a legit test. Well, technically, it was a 94% but the highest score becomes a 100%. That was nice. Cait thinks I'm a better student being a stay-at-home dad. I think this is just a more distraction-free home now that she's gone (she can never keep her hands off of me). We've got another year to go before anything changes too, so hopefully it stays this good.

Anything else to say? No, I guess that's it. Goodbye.


  1. You and Nathan should have play dates :) You are a great dad, Tim! Little one looks so happy!

  2. Can't keep my hands off you!? Psht.