Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Four months

At four months, Atticus likes:

* Standing up, he even holds on to the side of the couch by himself now (as long as we're on hand in case he falls)
* TV, TV, TV (ack!) but especially ballet performances on TV
* Drooling, he soaks through at least 4 or 5 bibs a day
* Watching us dress or eat (he wants to eat. so. bad.)
* The Bumbo, and launching himself out of the Bumbo (did that for the first time today... no more sitting on the table while I cook)
* His bouncey chair, he's getting really good at spinning the toys
* The Sleepy Wrap, he falls asleep so fast in it
* Being held over our heads
* Being out and about
* The library
* Baths with mom
* Sleeping in his car seat next to our bed
* His awesome cloth diaper (see picture below) that matches the pj's mom made for herself, dad, and the neighbors
* Going on runs with dad

Atticus dislikes:

* Pretty much what he disliked last month: being hungry, being tired. He hates the sound the microwave makes
* Looking at himself in the mirror
* Dating violence (see picture below)
* Taking naps longer than half an hour


  1. haha I love that last picture, like he's just popping his head out long enough to say 'hi!!'

  2. he is so cute!! Do you like that new wrap better then the Moby?? where do you get it?

  3. Succumbed to the car seat sleeping, eh? :)