Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have not blogged in a while. Mainly it's because my life is boring, but also, because I'm not really sure about blogging itself. It is an inherently selfish proposition to think that anyone else out there wants to read what I have to say about my life. But is it more selfish to say that if there is anyone out there willing to take the time to read what we post on this blog, as we know there are at least a few people that do, to refuse to take a few minutes out of the day to share life happenings or random thoughts? This transition time from the old semester to the new one, from the old year to the new one has definitley been one of attempting to redefine myself and to reinvent myself. I'm reading a book right now about Fredrick Douglass (did anyone else know that his name had two "ss" be honest) and Abraham Lincoln called Giants. The author says that the number one thing they did to become giants was to redefine themselves. New years is a random time to try to do this, but it seems to be all the rage, so why not?

So this was a pretty rambling post. I promise to be more specific if I continue to blog. Let's end with this? What feelings do you the reader have about blogging? Obviously you are somewhat in support of it if you're here, let us know why? Do you ever worry about it being a waste of time or too selfish? Or is this all silly to think about in the first place?


  1. The reason I started reading Caitlin's blog was because she provided an entirely different view point on society that I was interested in learning more about.

    I'm an extremely liberal democrat, but I knew next to nothing about the Mormon faith before I started reading Caitlin's Blog and now You and Caitlin's Blog. I had been friends with Celia from Camp Gravatt in SC and Caitlin in High School, but knew little about the culture and faith they were brought up in. You both provide me, at least, with information about BYU, the west coast in general, and interesting insight into the goings-on of The Mormon Church. I am the daughter of an Episcopal Priest and it's interesting to see the parallel struggles with women clergy, gay issues and even feminism within our respective churches.

    I enjoy the reflections from the both of you on society and your private lives - your story and how your articulate yourselves is something to be proud of, it's an incredible gift and blessing and I hope that you continue! It could lead to something, or at least a tiny more enlightened lady living in Boston.

  2. Cait,
    I love your blog. It makes me smile and i learn so much. It is good for strong women to have a voice, it strengthens me and i just love reading about you and your little family. Sharing is not selfish it's a gift to us all. Love you!

  3. I kind of think of my blog as a public journal. I don't put my innermost feelings on it of course, but it's a good place for me to think through things and write a bit and jot stuff down, in a sense. So yeah, it's a selfish thing in the sense that I do it mostly for me--very few people read my blog--but I think a better word would be self-improving, focusing on who I am, what I think, and why. It's not a bad thing to take a little time for yourself every once in a while; in fact, I think it's very harmful not to. And I have met a few friends online through my blog, and it's good to hear articulate thoughts like you guys share.

  4. Definitely more selfish NOT to blog. Especially if Cait is not going to bring that baby out here so I can love on him!

    I started my blog for my own self-expression, and it quickly evolved into family newsletter. It still provides a creative outlet, but I definitely put an edited version of life out there for the world to see. If there is detail beyond what you would see in a Christmas card letter, that part is for me and posterity.

  5. Keep blogging!!! Your thoughts and ideas are so inspiring and motivating! I love reading your blog and being reminded of the wonderful blessing it is to have a voice in this world... to be able to speak out for or against anything and never feel threatened because of your opinion. So many women in this world do not enjoy such a blessing. Whenever I start thinking about why I blog, I remind myself that as a woman with countless opportunities, I owe it to all the women who have none. So stick with it girl :) You are an awesome blogger and the world needs your voice!

  6. These are reasons to "blog":

    1. To communicate.
    2. To pretend to communicate.
    3. To wish to communicate.
    4. Boredom.
    5. Cash prizes.

    I'm in favor of all of those.

    I don't see how it's selfish either way - it's either something you want to do or it isn't.

  7. Lucy Fitzgerald- Those days of Gravatt were amazing. I always remembered you being so sweet. It's good to see your friendly self on here, leaving such a nice comment.

  8. And p.s. I agree with all of these comments. Like so many others, I view my blog as a journal that can never be lost (as countless others before). It is something my daughter will always have. If people want to read it, they are free to. If they don't, they don't have to. But mostly, blogging has made me feel so connected to countless individuals. I love it for that.

  9. Since I'm such a blog whore, I feel like I can't say, "I blog for myself!" But I totally do. I love reading my writing. I love being able to go back to a certain day two years ago and know something of what I was thinking about or even what happened that day.
    I read my blog more than anyone else. I go through and read old posts ALL THE TIME.
    If other people enjoy my blog, I love it because it validates me. But if people don't like certain posts, I get a little down, but then I remember WHY I wrote them: FOR ME. I want to remember the funny things my nieces and nephew said, and I will because I blogged about it.
    Since I'm being so honest, I'll say more: I THINK I'M HILARIOUS. And I think people should read my blog because I'm so entertaining. But that's just me.
    I've recently been trying to garner more readers because I want others to enjoy my stories. I AM A BLOG WHORE.

  10. I am so intrigued by The Boob Nazi. Do you know her personally? Do I know her personally?

    It seems as if I run into her all over my favorite blogs.