Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 14-20


It snowed over night. The kids learned "Let It Go" and Cait took Lulah to a play date somewhere.


I went to Target in the morning. I went in wanting a couple of things, came out with a backpack full. Typical Target. Also, 2 for 1 burritos at the Chipotle that opened up across the street. I brought a burrito to Cait, who was at a playgroup, and played there with her and Lulah for a while on the first really nice day for a while. I then rode home to pick up Atticus. Our once-a-week babysitter from the University was supposed to come over, but she flaked out again. Pay a babysitter nothing and this is the thanks you get. So we missed the big mango sale at Whole Foods. Bummer. Happy Passover/Tax Day. We filed our taxes months ago (it's fun when you get a bunch of money back) and celebrated passover on Friday. Cait went to volleyball at night.


We had a long play time on the playground near Atticus's school after we picked him up, then came home because Atticus's friend Scout came over for a playdate in the afternoon. I ran the assembly meeting that night, with the exciting topics of "why is the grounds crew taking all our stuff" and "why does no one want to deliver the newsletter anymore." Riveting.


I took Atticus with me to my first physical since I joined the track team my freshmen year in high school. The picture of health, I tell you. I went mainly because my ankle and calf have been really tight and I want to see a physical therapist, but they needed a referral first. He was very anxious to prescribe me anti-depressents for what I characterized as a mild stint of depression likely brought on by the long winter and stress of applying to grad school and general difficulty sleeping. I turned them down.

Here are the only photos of the week. Sorry. At least you get to see my new glasses, in photos by Atticus:

It's hot chocolate everyone. Calm down.

The kids' school was closed today, so we filled it with other activities. In the morning, a family from the school came over for a pancake breakfast and outdoor play on a lovely morning. Then Cait took the kids to a playgroup. Then while I rode to Whole Foods to pick up gifilte fish for the Seder at FUS and went to a Good Friday sermon, Cait took the kids up to a friends house for a movie night and then met me at FUS for the Seder. Unfortunately, one of the two gefilte fish jars that I'd bought fell out of my bag just as I was pulling into the FUS parking lot and shattered everywhere. If there is any food that I want to clean up amidst a bunch of shattered glass, it is certainly not gefilte fish. The Seder was really nice though. It was a UU oriented service written by a Jewish UU minister. There's a lot of beauty in that tradition. Cait stayed to help clean up while I got the kids and put them to bed. Then we gorged ourselves on Park and Recreation episodes.


We deliberately stayed at home all day after having a pretty busy week. Cait did sneak off for a while to buy a new bike in preparation for our planned long distance camping trip rides. We've pretty much decided not to buy a car, as we've found great resources for camping by bike from Madison. How to go camping without a car was one of our main pushes for wanting a car, but I think we'll be able to do it. We played outside for hours and hous.


Sunday was a very full Easter, with delightful weather, but we'll save that for it's own post.


  1. Atticus and Scout! I'm glad you didn't let the doctor talk you into antidepressants without first trying some other things. My doctor was great last winter to test my vitamin D, thyroid, and talk about exercise, light treatment, diet, etc. Drugs have a place, of course, after everything else is ruled out.