Monday, April 14, 2014

March 29-April 6

Saturday 1:

We made a game attempt at playing outside for most of the day. Went pretty well. Church in the evening.

Sunday 1:

I went to a lecture by Chris Crass, which was awesome. Here's my review of his book. Then we had the Lonsdale's over for lunch. And then we went to the Jones's for desert and a book discussion of A Prayer for Owen Meaney. Very enjoyable, if busy, day.


Cait had an Arabic playgroup in the morning and a movie night at night. Austenland, apparently.


Cait and I got eye exams together. Adorable. Cait was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that her vision is worse than mine, although I have an astigmatism, so whatever. We then got lunch together and froze our butts off waiting for the bus. At night I had a movie night at FUS where we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which all of the (quite older) crowd had seen, but I had never heard of before it was announced and I started reading the book. I really liked the movie and the book.


I had a great morning with Lulah and a terrible afternoon with Atticus and Lulah, but mainly Atticus. I don't know what it was, but it seemed that from the second I picked him up we were locked in a constant battle of wills. The parenting class we had at night on self-compassion made me feel only more like a chump for not being able to relate to my own kid. A rough day.


Cait took Lulah in the morning to play with some friends. I had a meeting at the community center for Assembly business in the afternoon, took the kids and then we played there for a good long while.

Saturday 2:

We went to a large science expo on campus. A lot of the exhibits were over the kids heads, to be honest, but there were a lot that they really enjoyed. We also had a good family run on the way there and back, including a nice moment on the lakeside where the kids played for a while in the nice weather.

Atticus had his child dedication in the evening. When Lulah had her dedication (a secular child baptism-like ceremony) a year ago, we decided that Atticus was probably too old to take part, but he brought it up frequently enough that we decided to go ahead and let him do it. We are glad we did. It was really nice to have a moment just for him.

Sunday 2:

I taught Sunday School in the morning, had a library committee meeting after that, and then we all piled into a borrowed car to head to the house of our friends Bob and Kelly (who we met at FUS). They were doing a controlled burn of some grass on their property and then grilling out afterwards. It was a great summer-is-almost-here experience. It was also nice to connect with some people a generation above us and get a feel for their thoughts on life. It was a really lovely afternoon, with lovely people in a lovely setting.

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