Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 7-13


We had a great Deliberate Discussion night at the Lassen's house. Deliberate Discussion is a discussion based communal gathering that I've started to organize once or twice a month. This time we watched a film 11'9"01 September 11 which had different fictional representations of 9/11 from different countries around the world. It was interesting to see how different countries, or at least different directors saw things in the years right after.


I had my film class at night. We watched The Way which is an Emilio Estevez film starring Martin Sheen, his father (all of the older people watching the film with me were so impressed that I knew this and dubbed me a film expert), about the Way of St. James which is a Catholic pilgrimage through Spain. I've always wanted to do a pilgrimage, and now I really want to do this one.


A Whole Foods trip in the morning.

Another installment of my mindful parenting class at night. This one was also about self-compassion, and I was in a lot better mental state this time than I had been for last week's, so it was a lot more enjoyable, even if my feet still fell asleep while meditating.


I went to FUS and did some work in the library there in the morning. Cait went to an oil painting class at night. She loved it and has it again tonight.


We had a gathering with other 20's and 30's at FUS at night for Chili and Beer. I was afraid it was going to be a singles meet and greet, but it ended up being about half families. I still have the assumption that anyone nearing thirty is desperate to get married, but that's not true. It wasn't even true in Utah, of course, but it sometimes felt that way. Chili and Beer is not a favorite combination of mine, I learned.


Church in the evening. Both kids got to go to childcare, which they loved, because Atticus's Sunday School class was cancelled. A hail storm came at night, bringing much joy. Atticus also learned about Hell (he's been asking about where people think they go when they die) so that was a nice tie-in.

Ready for summer

Hail party


Church again in the morning, because they were having a special choral performance/children's event. The kids got to hang out with a guy with lots of snakes and turtles, and I tried to listen to the performance, but it was packed and I was out in the hall where the sound was not so good.

Blowing the hair out of the eyes

Not so excited
We played around home the rest of the day. And sold our couch.

Lulah stares into your soul

Lulah whacked her head on the bed chasing brother right before bed and had to get some stitches in the ER. Poor girl.

And finally, this video is a little quiet, but should be enjoyable for some:

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