Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter Sunday Spectacular

We had a busy, perfect Easter Sunday. Atticus woke up early to find new sand toys from the "Easter Bunny" and a single sugar cookie. Mom and Lulah went to find Easter candy at Whole Foods Saturday night, but apparently they were all sold out so we bought the toys and cookies instead. He was happy with it.

We went to the childrens' Easter service at FUS, where they sang songs and heard stories about the springtime and rebirth. I think the kids enjoyed it, and best of all, it was short. I (this is Cait) went to the adult service in the other part of the building (the historic, Frank Lloyd Wright chapel) where Michael talked about  environmental concerns in the New Testament and Earth Day. I missed most of it, actually, trying to get the kids and Tim to the service and helping with the Easter egg hunt.

Tallulah wore her one fancy dress that she wears on every fancy occasion. 

In true Atticus style, he wore orange corduroys and cowboy boots.

He busted his lip the night before playing outside. It was so swollen and funny the next day.

FUS has a rockin' playground.

With her best FUS friend, Owen. (one of the Owens, there are two)

She is becoming an amazing and daring climber.

The hunt was great, but over pretty short. By the time we got outside (I'm not sure where all the kids came from, but I think their parents must only bring them to FUS on Easter), most of the eggs were found, but there were some teenagers (and Tim) walking around hiding more. It was really fun, and Atticus enjoyed finding them and re-hiding them more than collecting them in his basket. There were candy-free treat baskets. The day turned out to be gloriously warm (rain was forecast) and so we stuck outside for several hours afterwards, hanging out on the playground while Tim went to the next adult service.

We headed home for lunch and a little downtime, and a few hours later, Bob and Kelly's son Stephen came to pick us up to take us out to Verona for another Easter egg hunt and a delicious Easter dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, sweet potatoes, Scottish eggs--a Radford family tradition--, salad, homemade pie). The kids had an awesome time walking around finding the eggs Kelly hid earlier. They especially loved the candy within each egg. Atticus would dump the candy into his basket and then give the empty egg to Lulah who was happy with just having the eggs. You would think that kid had never ahd a jelly bean before! Oh wait...

Kelly even had candy hidden inside real eggshells and the kids got to crack them on their heads. Atticus thought it was a riot. Another friend from FUS, Stephanie, and her 12-yr-old daughter Hope joined right at dinnertime. The kids loooooved Hope and she played with them so nice.

We love Bob and Kelly. Tallulah even made up a song that she randomly sings throughout the day where she just repeats "BobandKelly, BobandKelly, BobandKelly..." to the tune of Baa, Baa Black Sheep. I know there is a video of it lying around here somewhere.

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