Monday, May 12, 2014

This weekend


Cait took Lulah into campus to eat lunch with a friend. I came to get Lulah afterwards so Cait could attend her final Arabic class. We hung out there for a while. We all went back in together to campus later for dinner at the Rathskellar, then Cait took the kids to an African studies dance performance, while I went to my softball game.


This weekend the weather was fantastic, so we maximized our outdoors time. We started off with pancakes on Saturday morning, loaded up our bikes and the bike trailer and rode downtown to the farmer's market on capitol square. The kids wanted no part of slowly churning around the square with the huge crowds, so I took them over to the Children's Museum while Cait finished up shopping.

The kids had a great time at the museum, especially Atticus who had not been there in a while. As a reward for a successful "no screens" week, we were going to go to St. Vinnny's (a thrift store) to look for a checkers game for Atticus (his latest gaming obsession). But he was so enamored with the period replica log cabin that we had to scrap that in order to get back in time to go to church.

That is paint, not sunburn. Calm down.

The kids both fell asleep on the ride back to First Unitarian, but Atticus woke up in time for service, while we were able to leave a sleeping Lulah with the childcare teachers. She apparently woke up fine because she was happy when we picked her up and our "come get your child" beeper never went off. The service was great, the annual "Coming of Age" ceremony, where kids aging out of the youth program get a chance to talk about what they have come to believe through all their years of Religious Education.


Because I got up with a sick Lulah one more time than Cait, I ended up being the one sleeping in on Mother's Day, although if I had been more conscious I probably would have let Cait sleep in instead. Sorry.

After breakfast we headed back to FUS to decorate Peace Poles, which are child-sized poles out in front of the church celebrating efforts toward world peace because why not? The kids had a blast, they both love this kind of up-cycled free-form art project, which is great.

The inter-connected web of existence of which we are all apart. The one on the right is Lulah's the one not on the right is Atticus's

The rest of the day we spent around the house and out in the yard enjoying first an great thunderstorm and then some great evening weather. We both called our mothers and had a nice chat. Unfortunately, mother's day didn't get celebrated too well here, as usual for our house on holidays. One of these days we'll get our celebrating act together. Happy day of the mother's celebrationary tale.

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