Thursday, March 13, 2014

Women's Retreat

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending the women's retreat at FUS. In past years, the retreat is an overnight one hosted at a center out of Madison, but trying to draw in more diverse women, they decided to make it less expensive and not an overnight trip. They were very excited to have me and another young mother there (who had a 1-yr-old named Basil who was just so cute).

I was not looking forward to it with any great anticipation, mainly I was worried it would be all old women and we wouldn't have anything to talk about and I would feel out of place. I could not have been more wrong, in so many respects. I loved getting to know these women, I loved the safe space we created for talking to each other, the supportive atmosphere, the guided meditations, the healing art work and dancing. I only regret that it lasted only one weekend, I would have loved to attend a retreat like this once a month. I felt rejuvenated and committed to myself and my family... to rediscovering my spirituality... to connecting with others around me whom I perhaps dismiss as too different or not interested in knowing more about me.

My kids loved hanging out in the childcare room all day (Tim was playing in a basketball tournament so they came with me) and didn't want to leave even though they had been there six hours on Saturday. The entire experience reminded me how much I love FUS and how comfortable we have become there as we get to know those in the congregation, the ministers, the lay ministers, and the staff. If and when we depart from Madison, leaving this remarkable place will be one of the most difficult things to say goodbye to. The building itself is stunning and historical and rare (how many people get to attend church in a Frank Lloyd Wright building?!) and the ministers are insightful and friendly (one is coming to Tallulah's birthday party with her toddler!) and the people we have met and the friends we have made there are the best. Atticus loves his CRE teachers, and I can tell they love him right back. We truly have been blessed to find our home here.

Our spiritual labyrinth. 

The weather was crisp and sunny -- a perfect day for (indoor) self-reflection. 

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