Monday, March 3, 2014

The Oscars? Why, yes!

When I told my friend Jessica I was going over to a friend's house for an Oscars party, she looked a bit incredulous. "You, are watching... the Oscars? You don't seem the type." I didn't think I was the type either, but I rarely pass on a social opportunity with my favorite Madisonian friends, and I thought it'd be fun. I expected to be enraged by misogyny and rich people. What I did not realize, was that ELLEN was hosting and is so freaking fabulously funny. Really, she was perfect. The woman has a gift. When so many comedians can't seem to make it without dirty jokes and crass language, Ellen can woo a crowd with her own cleverness. Here are some of my favorite moments:

1) Jared Leto's acceptance speech. Thanking your mother who had you when she was 15 in a small town in Louisiana and who is sitting with you today at the Oscars? Adorable.

2) Lupita Nyong'o -- acceptance speech, dress, hair, everything. She exudes grace and strength. I am in love with her (as I'm sure the rest of America is as well).

3) Ellen ordering pizza! That moment was the funniest of the entire evening (can you imagine being the pizza delivery guy!? I read an article that she actually gave him all of the money too, $1000). And Brad Pitt passing out paper plates like he has 12 kids or something.

4) The Lopez husband-wife team who wrote the music for Frozen, they were so great!

5) The adorable French man who thanked his childrens.

6) Cate Blanchatt's being all like "so yeah, Hollywood, female-centered movies can make a crapload of money and win me an Oscar so shut your face!"

It was a pretty fabulous night, by all accounts. Especially with the curry popcorn and chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies...


  1. I agree.......and Brad and Angie only have six;)

  2. I am surprised! And why is no one talking about Ellen hosting?! This is the first I'm hearing about it!

  3. I loved it too. And I love Ellen. And I agree with you moments. I also loved that Leo, Matthew, and Jared brought their moms with them.

  4. I watched Ellen's opening monologue after the show was over. I loved it. I cannot stop laughing at the Liza Minelli joke (thank you, sir!). Probably the meanest thing she said all night, but in a funny-nice way. Right??? I also can't believe that JORDAN CATALANO has an Oscar. I'll have to watch a clip with the pizza part.

  5. Haha I am glad you enjoyed it! :) Ellen hosting would make it very different, maybe I will actually go back through and watch clips.