Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy birthday, Lu!

I feel a lot of pressure to write a poignant and pithy post for my girl's second birthday, but I am feeling a lot less sentimental this year than last. And while I still feel the same sense of wholeness she has brought me, and even shared it with an entire roomful of women at the meditation retreat last weekend, Tallulah's life has become commonplace in our tiny world as often happens as children age and their newness fades slowly away. She still delights us with her sweet personality, and often surprises us with her assertive "NO!" that has just emerged in recent months -- I was worried we were turning her into a submissive female because she would say "yes" sweetly to nearly everything.

She is talking so much in recent weeks... my favorite things she says include "I did it!" and "I love you." As we meandered home from school today, I told her "Lulah is silly" to which she replied: "Mama, silly!" -- we then repeated it several times "Lulah is nice" "Mama, nice!" "Lulah is crazy" "Mama, crazy!" Her personality has always been evident to me, but hearing her vocalize her thoughts and desires allows me to know her even more, and I am continually astonished by how she fills our home and hearts with joy and laughter.

She is nearly potty-trained, and it totally rocks. She has great style and is so friendly. She must say hello and goodbye to everyone she meets... on the streets, onboard the bus, in Whole Foods. She loves babies, dolls, Legos and doing the dishes with her dad. She is crazy about the out of doors, and now that the weather has warmed up to above freezing, she will wander for hours searching for the best puddles and the wild turkeys (she also apparently love throwing flour all over the floor, which she has done while I have been writing this post). She is still nursing a few times during the day and at night, but cutting back considerably and is easily re-directed when she asks during the day (and sometimes at night, she will listen to Elmo music and fall back asleep). She is so cuddly and kissy and lovey. She is a rockin' dancer, and can do these great twirls when the music so moves her. I am so excited for the future, and getting to know her even more this year.


  1. She's a cool girl. I love our awesome daughters.

  2. Happy birthday to Tallulah! Has she cut back on nursing on her own, or did you help her at all? I really wouldn't mind if R would cut back a bit but I have no idea how to achieve this except to flat out deny him...which he doesn't take very well at all.

    1. I flat out deny sometimes. She is fairly easy to re-direct to other activities or with cups of milk/juice from the fridge. Juice boxes or those organic milk boxes help considerably because they are novel and fun for Tallulah. A lot of times she is asking to nurse because she is hungry or thirsty and she will easily take an alternative. Other times she is sad and tired, and won't.