Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our life lately: the good, the bad and the ugly

The good (in no particular order of importance or time):

1. Today I went with my friend Jessica to two school rummage sales. One was at the Waldorf School and had a fairly disappointing selection but I found a beautiful handmade dress for Lu (handwash only though, which means she will probably never wear it), some wool jammies for camping in the summer, and lavender-scented bean bags. Then we went to the rummage sale at the public elementary school where it was mostly picked over but I for $3 I bought about 10 t-shirts, a few cotton dresses, several pairs of leggings, and two pair of brand-new Hanna Andersson undies (unfortunately they are boys for Atticus, when it is Lu that needs new ones). I was excited to find two Salty Dog cafe shirts in Atticus's size, an Italia shirt, and one from Lebanon. Atticus has been wearing Tallulah's too-small leggings ("but they are so comfy, mom, inside and out!") so I finally got him a few pair of own in the right size (they are also HA). I have a feeling he won't be wearing his jeans anymore. I was pretty happy to get an entire summer wardrobe for the kids for $10. Mission, accomplished.

2. Atticus is so into Star Wars lately. We were trying to avoid the obsession as long as possible, because guns and violence and scariness, but we finally caved in when he asked to take home some books from the library. At least the bad guys are fascist dictators and the good guys are revolutionary freedom-fighters. I told him I'd buy him a pair of the Star Wars PJs for his birthday, and he is counting down the days.

3. The snow is finally melting, for good, and the days after getting longer and longer. We walked home at 6:30 and the sun was still a shinin'. The summer is so close I can taste it.

4. Tim and I are really into Parks and Recreation the past few weeks. It is just too, too hilarious.

5. I ordered these amazing cloth menstrual pads and they are so pretty I almost feel bad to use them.

The bad:

1. Tallulah started feeling cruddy last week and spiked a fever for a few days. We chalked it up to teething because she had no other symptoms and wasn't eating well and saying "ouchy, mouth" and so simply dosed her up with a little ibuprofen and called it good. Finally, after the fever ended, the blisters in her mouth appeared, her gums started bleeding really bad, and we realized we were dealing with HFMD/Coxsackie virus again. When I realized it, I began having horrible flashbacks to when Atticus contracted it from Annabelle when he was 2. It is an awful, awful sickness and we didn't sleep for a solid three days.

2. Because of Parks and Recreation watching, I am getting very little accomplished in the evenings and the work is beginning to pile up (and now I'm writing a blog post, for even further procrastination).

The ugly:

1. Tallulah's HFMD transferred to my nipple. OUCHHHHHHH.


  1. Sorry to hear about Lu and your nipple! Hope you guys feel better soon. Let me know what you think about the cloth pads. I'm thinking about making the switch soon once I use all the disposables.

  2. So sorry about the HFMD. Brutal. I hope you are recovering.

    And where did Atticus get his Star Wars obsession from? Ben watched the movie ONCE, about a year ago, and he is still crazy about it.

  3. OUCH! That would probably be the day I quit! I suffered through two years of a bad latch but passing stuff...not thanks. When I was a kid my mom had to paint her nipples and my brothers mouth purple because the prescribed medicines were not getting rid of the trush they kept passing back and forth. I don't know why I remember that. Purple nipples just must have been memorable.

  4. How did you get rid of the HFMD on your nipple? Both of mine are infected and in a lot of pain. It looks like I will have to quit nursing. ;( please update with hopefully some hope!

  5. How did you get rid of the HFMD on your nipples? I recently got it from my daughter. I cannot breastfeed her because it's too painful. She is in tears, I am in tears. How long did it take to go away? Any little glimmer of hope?