Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week of March 31

A week ago Friday: I forgot to post this in our last update post, but last last Friday we went to a lovely Seder at the FUS church that was oft interrupted by our non-Seder friendly kids. But we were able to split listening/participating time and then we all enjoyed a very lovely meal together.

Sunday: Cait had a long night studying, so she slept in while the kids and I went to FUS. I went early to help volunteer with the Easter egg hunt, but I was a little late and they were already ready. I did help supervise the hunt a little bit, and Atticus and Lulah had a fun time finding eggs. FUS apparently hides empty eggs and lets kids turn them in for a treat bag. Not as exciting, but no ugly fighting over eggs, so that's nice. I then took Atticus and bussed to pick up my bike at REI, where I had dropped it off for a tuneup. We came back just in time for dinner and then dessert at our friend Brad and Jenny's.

Monday: Today was a day of catching up on housework and trying to outlast the last few days of real cold. We did get outside a little bit, Cait took Atticus shopping and I took Lulah for a run.

Tuesday: A really long day at school for Cait, including a meeting about prelims, which put Cait into a fresh bout of doubting whether grad school is the right path for her. An ongoing discussion. The kids and I spent a long time up at the community center, where I voted in the local municipal elections and the kids playing the gym and out on the playground (it was warm enough for 45 minutes without coats). Atticus made a new friend who also was really excited to play with Lulah, which was funny to see from a boy (sometimes older, mostly Asian, girls want to play with her, but rarely boys). Then we came home for a very late nap for Lulah and some of our fresh asparagus for dinner. Hurray for fresh fruits and veggies in season! We're going to try to go to mostly fresh fruits and veggies this spring/summer/fall, because we were mostly good about avoiding them this winter when they were all out of season. We have already signed up for what appears to be an excellent CSA.

Wednesday: We had a playgroup in the morning that was a lot of fun and good for Atticus who is still on spring break from pre-school and missing the social interaction. And then Atticus had Ballet in afternoon and we played in the community center for a while. Cait went to a viewing of Les Mis with some Mormon women at night and still can't stop talking about it (it was her first time seeing it [I haven't seen it yet]).

Thursday: I and the kids had an extended play date and lunch with our friends Nina and Juna. Juna is in Atticus's preschool class and apparently also starved for social interaction from the last few weeks. The weather was really conducive to outdoor play for the first time all year, and it was great to see the kids playing in the big sandbox behind the house on their new slide and sand toy. We played outside for a long time and then Nina invited us to her house for lunch and with the kids playing together so nice and Lulah falling asleep peacefully in my arms, we stayed until Nina and Juna had to leave for a birthday party a few hours later. Cait went to a lovely yoga session at night.

Friday: Another really nice weather day. We spent a lot of time playing outside. Cait took Atticus and Lulah to a playdate with his friend Abdo while I stayed home and cleaned the house for pizza night. Unknown to us, there was an activity schedule long before ours for Friday night, so a lot of regulars didn't show up, but we got three new people, Steel, Laurel and Karen, that we kind of knew but got to know a lot better through some really good discussion as pizza night went much later into the night than it regularly does. As a bonus, Atticus, after being great all night even without any of his regular pizza night friends, fell asleep very nicely in my arms while the discussion went on.

Saturday: We were all a little tired from the long night on Friday, so we stayed close to home. Cait did take the kids to a seed fair at the community center and came away with a lot of good seeds and I took the kids outside for some good playing in the light rain and still fairly warm weather. It is great to see that Atticus's reluctance to playing outside all winter was due to the cold and snow and not to a loss of love of wandering around exploring. We listened to a little bit of General Conference. At night I went to our friends Steel and Laurel's for a nice movie night and discussion. Entre le Murs was a great slow-paced film about a teacher in an inner-city Paris school trying to reach these kids who obviously have a tough life. I loved that the teacher had no big answers and often made really bad mistakes while trying to do something to help the kids. It reminded me of my efforts in parenting.

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  1. I swear your "I voted" sticker is stuck on a car seat headrest. But I know it's not true.
    We found the non- sexualized vintage candy land at goodwill today. Come play it with us!!!!