Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week of April 14

Sunday: We ended up going to both services at FUS today (both the 9am and the 11am) as there was a special musical hour for kids at 9 and a special choral performance at 11am. I think we were all a little too tired to enjoy the 11am performance, but at least our kids were being watched for free.

Monday: I had another dentist appointment as I work to get a tooth ready for a crown. Cait took the kids out for a long play time whilst I was gone.

Tuesday: Cait had a long day of school. We went and played with Atticus's friend Juna for a long time, either this day or the next. I went to a patience cultivating course at FUS that night, which was really great and deserves it's own post.

Wednesday: We had a playdate with out new friend Jenny and her daughter Judith and then I had my first assembly meeting as the new assembly chair. It did not go as planned. The whole thing requires a lot of explanation so I'll try to get to that in another post.

Thursday and Friday and Saturday: Sick days for the kids, with very limited outings. I went to parent teacher conferences at Atticus's school, where everything seems to be going fine. On Saturday I went to FUS in the afternoon and was an usher for the first time, which was nice.

Sunday: Another sick day at home with the family. By the afternoon it seemed like the kids were getting better enough that we were able to go to our friend Brad and Jenny's half birthday celebration.

Homemade mac and cheese goodness

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  1. ^ haha, that comment is awesome.

    Anyway, I can't wait to learn more about cultivating patience!