Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 17-30

So, I'm not sure what happened to blogging in these weeks. Sometimes you just lose motivation and get a little busy, and sometimes it just all seems rather silly.

Anyway, a few events from the past few weeks that we would like to remember:

St. Patrick's day parade and Children's museum trip: This was a very full Sunday (that also included a trip to FUS in the morning I think), but a really fun one.

Mosque Trip: We took a trip to the local mosque with some of our new friends from Libya. It was a nice experience and everyone was really kind to us, but it also served to remind us how not-Middle Eastern/North African we are. No photos because it was dark outside and we weren't supposed to take any inside, we think.

Cait's lecture: I think she should write up a big post about this herself, but Cait gave a lecture at the LDS Ward's Relief Society birthday celebration about the state of women internationally and early Mormon feminist activism. I wasn't invited, but I'm sure it was great.

Split Sunday: Cait had helped buy the food (she didn't pay for it, but was on the shopping trip) for the linger longer in our LDS ward and so she wanted to go to that and I had volunteered to be a greeter at FUS, which was my first attempt at being a part of the active volunteer community there, so we split up churches on Sunday. We had plans to go to a cool maple syrup family exhibit thing, but a big snow storm hit, so we called it off.

The next week was Spring Break and the highlight of that was our Chicago trip, which was great.

And then we had an Easter Egg hunt at the LDS church on Saturday, which was also a lot of fun.

More photos:

Ready for summer

What mom, I'm just watching some Baby Signing Time over here, give me a break
Here's a video of the slide we bought with Lulah's birthday money. It's now outside in the sandbox.

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