Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week of April 7


Cait went to a brunch with people from her PhD cohort and I took Atticus to FUS. On our way back we watched some people play softball on what was one of the few really nice days so far this year. Then Cait came home and we met with some Mormons for a between conference lunch picnic. We didn't watch much of conference live, but we listened to a few talks on a walk later on in the evening as we walked the kids to sleep. Before that, though, we spent a lovely day outside.

What we wore to FUS. Atticus did not want to smile. He has on Cait's tank top as a dress.

The weather turned nasty again, so we spent a long time at the community center. Now that I've signed up to be the Assembly Chair (more on that in another post for non-Eagle Heights people), I feel more obligated to use the community center for whatever reason. We played with Jenny and son and made some new friends in Swedish Jenny and her daughter Judith.


Atticus finally started preschool again. I took Lulah up to the community center and she played there in her pajamas for a while. Then the rain really let loose. We had a doctors appointment for a 1-year checkup for Lulah (17 lbs, 9 oz, in case you are wondering), but it was raining so hard, we wouldn't have ventured out if I didn't have to go and get Atticus from preschool anyway. I was so soaked by the time I got Atticus, I figured we would just keep on going. Luckily after the checkup and playing in the very nice waiting room, the wind had let up, so armed with a warm cup of coffee (I drink coffee now, sorry), I pushed the kids back home (the kids were in the mostly covered Chariot the whole time).


Brad and son came over in the morning and we had a play date. We went up to the community center in the afternoon, but Tallulah especially was getting bored of it.


School in the morning, playgroup in the afternoon and making pancakes for dinner while watching Atticus's friend Gretel.


I had my first meetitng with the FUS "Reduce Gun Violence" ministry team, my very first ministry team at FUS, which I am excited for. Cait got a massage. I went to a concert with my friend Charles from Mormon church, it was a guy named Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe. The concert was fun and the music was good, if different than what I am used to. I tried to suppress all my white guilt which told me I was a hypocrite for grooving to Zimbabwean protest music.

Me with my friend Charles at the concert 

We hung out all day and, Cait took the kids shopping and then we began our extended FUS weekend by going to the service and potluck in the evening (we ended up going to all three of their services, because they were all different).

"Mommy, there is an ant crawling on me."

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