Sunday, August 12, 2012

Five months

Did I even post a four-month update? Who knows. I'm losing track of her life, it is going by so ridiculously fast. It doesn't help to have two cross-country moves, multiple road trips, six plane rides, a beach vacation, eight camping trips all jammed into those first five months of life, but Baby Lula does it with grace. She is still our calm and chill baby, though she is recently starting to get louder and fidgety-er. For a while, we could stick her in the Bumbo at restaurants so she could sit with us while we ate, but now she grabs and kicks and throws herself out of it and is all-around crazy. This month has brought so many changes, all of them delightful in their own way. While I miss my snuggly sweet newborn, Lu is definitely becoming a baby and it amazes me to watch the changes in her personality that come along with the advances in her physical prowess.

This past month, she has started rolling over, sitting up supported and then quickly started sitting up unsupported with few topples, she scoots around like crazy, especially on her back. She is really adept at wedging herself into the corner of her crib, with no way to get out. She is a grabber, and wants to be constantly holding something/chewing on it. She is still our sleeper, pulling all-night stretches from 8 pm to 7 am most days, though occasionally we will be up at night together. She hates co-sleeping, which I didn't think was possible, but it's still true. We had her sleeping with us when we first moved here because it was too hot for her cradle and we only had one fan, and she was not impressed. Now that she has a crib, she goes down easily and is golden all night. Now, if only we can get Atticus to sleep in his bed instead of on the floor next to us...

She still doesn't take a pacifier, though the other night in the car she sucked on one for a solid 15 minutes and fell asleep when we were driving home. It was shocking. I've tried to replicate it, but not too often, because I'm not that into her getting attached to a plastic object. I was thinking it might help her take a bottle better (she hates it) to make my transition to being away easier, but we'll see. She mostly just gnaws on it (and the bottle) rather than sucking. The nice ladies at WIC gave me a little sippy cup, and they said she is old enough to drink from it (they were actually really anti-bottle, which was kind of funny in a way, they freaked out when I said she'd be drinking breast milk from a bottle and gave me this cup. Ironically, I was also told at WIC when Atticus was a toddler than sippy cups are for lazy mothers, but not apparently in Wisconsin! Oh, conflicting messages). Anyhow, back to the Lu. She weighs 14 lbs, 2 oz on the scale at WIC and was 24.5 inches long, and she has her first doctor's appointment since her two week one in the morning, where she will get a DTaP shot (not excited about that, but even less excited about the prospect of her getting pertussis).

Cloth-diapered bum

On our road trip with Sophie! (don't worry, we buckled her to drive)


  1. She looks so little in her car seat. Kisses for Lu!

  2. I need a Lu fix! I also got her a new Sophie. What is that rash? Do you want me to send her a Nubby? They look like nice cups to learn to drink from.

  3. It's not a rash, it's just from having tummy time.