Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Belated, but no less

So, one time over a week ago, Tim had a birthday.

Our blog readers would've had no idea!!

I forgot the obligatory birthday blog post.

Sometimes I'm a really lame wife.

But, honestly people, it goes without saying how freaking amazingly cool my dear husband is. But I'll say it anyways, for good measure.

He's not only cool, he's my best friend. It is an incredible feeling to have someone who is on the same page as you, in so many ways (including when we are reading books together, and literally, we're on the same page). How many women can say their husband has read "Sex and World Peace" and "Book of Mormon Girl" with them in one summer? Well, I can.

I cherish our evenings watching Joss Whedon series and eating ice cream in bed. Tim has really brought out my inner nerd, which I think is simply liberating. If I hadn't married Tim, I would have never read Star Wars fan fiction! My life would have been so... empty and devoid of meaning.

We have the best of times hiking and camping with our kids. How many men go with their wife and two babies camping 10+ times in one summer? I salute Tim for putting up the tent alone more times than I can count, and for being an expert fire starter (except in Tennessee), and for hiking many miles with 30 lbs of preschool boy on his back.

The past month has brought a lot of deep soul-searching and lifestyle changes and moral dilemmas and has turned our lives somewhat inside out. And though it's been difficult, talking and working through our thoughts and beliefs and nervousness has brought us together. Tim has bolstered me when I've doubted myself, and supports me when I'm down.

Happy day, Tim. You just get better every year.

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  1. Yay for Tim. I'm glad he brought out your inner nerd. Such a tease with the last part, though. What changes and dilemmas have you encountered?