Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lots of lakes

For those who know Columbia, Lake Murray is kind of a big deal. It's huge and gorgeous and everyone rich has a lake house on it. There is also a public swimming area that you can get into for something like $2 a car, for the simple folk like us. It's right around the corner from my grandma's house in Lexington, so we ventured out one afternoon before heading over to her house for dinner. It was nice, but there were lots of people smoking and it was a little trashy (literally, lots of trash all around including boiled peanut shells from a man eating them on the beach.... gross).

There is a great lake and swimming area out on Ft. Jackson about 15 minutes from my parents' house in Columbia. We've been twice this summer, and both times was so, so fun. It's only open to military families, and it along with other benefits my dad gets has me convinced we need to join the military (it's tempting with Tim's language skills). The first time we went out to the lake, my dad came and got us in and then went grocery shopping with my mom and Tallulah, which was really great because we rarely get just the three of us time with the guy and he loved it. We rented a canoe and stayed out on the lake for an hour then came back in to swim for a few more hours. The water is really clean, and the beach area has tons of imported sand so it's not yucky lake bottom.

The second time, the whole family minus Grammy and the babies went out for a visit. Unfortunately, my mom was watching Lu and Yogi at home and was called in to work so half of the family had to head home. Benny was tired for a nap anyways, and Tim was fine going home too, so Lauren, me, Atticus and her big kids stuck around and played. We also rented a paddleboat for an hour. We got out and after about ten minutes, Gavin was tired and I had to pee, so we called it a day.

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