Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beach vacation

Yesterday we returned from an epic week at the beach with all my family (minus Christopher and Hillary, who had school/work). It was the first time in a long time all the siblings have been together, plus the six cousins and my mom and dad. It was a full house, to say the least. We stayed at a lovely home about 1/2 mile from Litchfield Beach on Pawleys Island. We rented a golf cart and bikes with baby seats, and we spent hours relaxing in the surf every day. Atticus was crazy about it. He loved building sand castles and jumping in the waves and riding in Aunt Allison's big inner tube (meant for river tubing, but worked in the ocean too... except when it flipped on us a few times). He loved it so much that one afternoon, Tim had gone with the big kids and Atticus didn't want to go just then so he stayed home. Well, my mom and Lauren came back from shopping (they did a lot of that) and about twenty minutes later, I realized Atticus was nowhere to be seen. Allison had seen him walk out on the porch but didn't really process that he would walk OFF the porch. I ran downstairs and hopped on a bike and everyone else home followed and did the same.  About 1/4 mile later through the wooded path (the wooded path with alligators in the stream, mostly dead ones, sadly, but alligators nonetheless), I found him in the middle of the street talking with a couple in a car who had stopped to help him find his mommy and daddy again. I could not believe I got so distracted that he got that far by himself. He had put his beach hat on and was going to find dad, he told me when I biked him home (in a basket because in my haste I didn't think to grab the bike with the kid seat). Suffice it to say, we had a long talk about leaving to the beach without an adult...

Tallulah was as pleasant as usual, and she loved feeling the sand between her toes as the waves rushed in and out. I loved having a fellow nursing mother there who I could send Tallulah home with when her boys napped because she could feed her and I could stay for a few more hours at the beach. We even took the kids to Medieval Times one night (I had free tickets) and left her at home with Lauren, and I didn't have to pump a bottle (not like baby sister will take a bottle, so yeah, we are working on that)! It was great. Our little family managed to avoid sunburn almost entirely (Atticus got a little red in the face for a day, and I got burned on one tiny patch on my upper thigh that I missed, Tim got a little toasted one day but his doesn't hurt and fades quickly). I hate it when vacations end so soon, it really was a perfect week and I had forgotten how much I love, love, love the beaches of South Carolina. 

Nothing beats beach all morning, sandwiches for lunch, naps all afternoon, and card games at night. I even managed to squeeze in an hour by myself to read my Kindle while the waves brushed against my legs. It was absolutely glorious. I already miss the sticky, sandy, salty sensations.


She did a lot of this

Postpartum Progression Mom would be proud: I dressed very, very modestly (also, my skin is scared of the sun...) 

Yogi wearing Lulu's hat

The cousins are loud... very, very loud 
Bennis the Serious

Nothing like cuddling up with some good books

He actually laid in bed by himself and read for a whole TEN MINUTES. Now if only we could get him to read himself to sleep, we'd be getting somewhere.

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