Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Four months

The day we returned from the beach, we celebrated Tallulah's four month birthday. I can't believe she is only four months old. I feel like a year has gone by since she was born. She has an old, wise soul.

She's started sitting up and you can tell she is getting ready for being a real baby. Allison swears she rolled over once, but I'm not convinced. She hates tummy time and isn't too great at lifting her head up that way, but has great control when she is sitting up. She seems very interested in food, but we are holding off a few more months. She is growing like a weed, and though we have no idea what she weighs, she is outgrowing clothes and has gained a few pounds in the past month or so. She loves sitting in her swing and staring at the animals as they turn around on the mobile. We've started putting her in the BOB for running trips with Daddy, and she seems to enjoy it. She loves the beach and playing in the waves. She is starting to grasp things and is slowly figuring out how to get something from her hands to her mouth. Watching her brain working is one of the most amazing feats of humanity. She has incredible concentration and sleeps like a log.

She hates taking a bottle and thinks pacifiers are horrible. She has found her thumb and sucks it occasionally, but not consistently (I keep encouraging it, but Tim tells me not to for fear of future expensive orthodontic care). She has these long, gorgeous fingers and toes, the most luscious lips ever seen on a baby, and one adorable dimple that melts my heart. She smiles easily and cries rarely. She is a little cuddler and will nestle up to anything with a heartbeat.

She loves this the most

Big bow

She loves her car seat
Soulful eyes


  1. she's gorgeous! i just love her name. glad shes a great sleeper and eater for you.

  2. I love her. She is adorable.

  3. Encourage the thumb. Ethan's ortho didn't cost anymore than ours.