Monday, May 21, 2012

Road Trip

Our road trip went so ridiculously smoothly I could hardly believe it. Our car functioned beautifully, gas prices were moderate everywhere, the kids were so perfect in the car it was like a commercial with good kids. We found our campgrounds with no trouble, there was always space and most of them were very  nice. We met some lovely Israelis and some [interesting] Arkansans. No one got hurt or sick or sad and there were minimal arguments (none I can think of). Both kids slept like rocks in the tent all nights. We camped a total of five nights, stayed one night in a hotel due to a veritable monsoon in Texas/Oklahoma, and stayed two nights at a lovely quaint bed and breakfast. By the end, we were dirty and craving real food, but I was impressed by my ability to plan a road trip that long with two babies and how well it was executed, with minimal iPad help.

Here are some pictures (from one camera, at least):

All of our possessions in one car -- farewell, dear Provo!

Random petting zoo at rest stop in southern Utah... starring alpacas, zebras, and a couple of ostriches

Iron Gate Inn

She liked the tent much better than this picture suggests

Shuttling around Zion

Tim really liked this squirrel, and it liked him back

Hiking to the Emerald Pools

Breakfast all around

Trusty, cheap Coleman tent

Her favorite spot


  1. Atticus is looking so huge in that baby backpack! I can't believe how big he is getting.

  2. I love her smiling in that chair! Liam gives me that look when I lay him on his back :). Can't wait to meet that little babe!