Monday, May 21, 2012


Atticus's speech has exploded in recent months. He now knows about every word out there plus has a few favorite sentences that he says on a regular basis. He can sing many songs, including anything from Wonder Pets, Little Einsteins, Super Why plus some nursery favorites like "Follow the Prophet" and "Jesus Wants Me for a SunBEAM". He knows the ABCs backwards and forwards (not really, but close) and can sign them as well. He is picking up signing a lot more now because he is loving Signing Time! recently. He is always requesting Alex and Leah.

Some of his funnier sayings include:

"Why?" (not exactly funny in itself, but he always says it when he trips/gets hurt/something falls over, and the look on his face is SO hilarious)

"I vuv you... I vuv you toooooo" (he will say "I love you" and if someone doesn't respond, he will automatically respond for you... especially funny when he's being a brat and doesn't want you around so he says "BYE... I LOVE you" then responds "I love you toooo" to himself... doesn't seem funny on paper, but it is, trust us)

"We have to HELP HER" (said when Lula crys)

"I'm a boy, boy, boy proud to be me" (song from Signing Time! that Atticus is always singing about himself. He also likes to point out the sex of others as well, which can be awkward when he gets it wrong...)

"Want some mom milk... PWEEEESE" (said with an enticing little face that almost makes me give in... ok, so I give in sometimes, then when he's done after about 2 seconds, he says "Lula's turn")

"No finks!" (This is "no thanks" and he says it ALL. THE. TIME.)

"I vuv you, Mommy/Lula/Daddy"

He is always talking to my parents' dog, Bear. He'll tell him to go outside or to sit or to go catch the ball. Sometimes we leave him in my parents' fenced in backyard for hours while they entertain each other. It's AWESOME.

I can't believe what a calm, collected, pleasant child he continues to become. He can entertain himself, he sits at the table and eats dinner with us (most of the time), he plays outside with the dog all the time, he is so nice to hang out with. Today we went to the zoo and he just walked around and held my hand and looked at the animals. No melt-downs or anything, even when he was so dead tired he could hardly stand. I think he is finally adjusting after the long road trip, and for that, we are grateful.

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  1. I am so excited to hang out with your kids!! You and Tim, a little, but I'm really, really excited to see those kids!