Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home again, home again jiggidy jig

We made it to South Carolina last evening. After nine days "on the road," we were pretty much ready to be here and showered. We settled right in, though we still have mounds of laundry and a particularly smelly car to take care of (think rotten carrots + projectile baby vomit). It is more humid than I remember, and the heat is already oppressive in May. I have a feeling we will be spending many, many days by the pool...

The driving itself wasn't terrible, the kids were fabulous in the car for the most part. Tim may disagree with me on the driving not being terrible though, because he was the one who did 90% of it. We mostly camped (two nights in Zion, two nights in New Mexico, one night in Arkansas, and one night in Mississippi) though we had to get a hotel room in Oklahoma City due to torrential downpours. We are covered in mosquito bites, and I've already extracted two ticks from our bodies (one from Lu's head and one from my leg). Sleeping in a tent with two babies for that long is hard, but it was completely manageable (Tim was so over putting up the tent and taking it down after the first few nights though...)

But, we are here, my mom has graciously provided us with toys, clothing for the kids, and anything we could ever need. The showers have great water pressure and the kitchen is huge. Life can now calm down... until August.


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    1. West Nile and lyme disease. Keep an eye out for a target like mark where the tick bite was.