Sunday, April 17, 2011

My guy

What a pleasant child with whom to hang out...

He is 19 months old now... and just delightful. He doesn't talk much still, and speech therapy starts on Tuesday. He does say "dada" and "mama" and "diggum" on a regular basis. "Diggum" means anything  he likes or wants, usually milk or food or toys. Today during the Sacrament at Church, he was pointing wildly at the tray of breading shouting: "Dilgum, dingum, diggum." It is SO cute I can hardly stand it.

He loves playing with other kids, recently Alice and Hazel and Eliza. When we go to the park, he is obsessed with the swings and can climb up the stairs and slide down the slide sans supervision. He also met Jimmer and Jackson last week at the park, AND got to hang out with the Divine Comedy crowd at a party yesterday. He is slightly obsessed with Mallory... and totally stared her down when she walked in the room. I think he recognized her from the Provo UT Girls video.

Thankfully his appetite is still picking up, and he's nursing less and less. He loves strawberries to the point I have to hide them in the back of the fridge or else it would be the only thing he ate at every meal. He also is a fan of quesadillas, any cheese but Swiss, green smoothies, chips and salsa, raw tofu, carrots, homemade pizza, and any kind of pasta (and whipped cream, as we discovered last night at a dinner party).

He loves our new bathtub, his Matchbox cars from Tim's childhood, playing outside and digging up the garden, and being naked.  He loves long bike rides and car rides, especially now that he has a plush Britax car seat to ride in. He loves playing at the park, mall, and IKEA.


  1. this is adorable. I love how you causally mention he met jimmer. this would have been like immediate facebook status material in my book:)

  2. so that last comment is supposed to be from me btw. No, sister missionaries aren't checking out your blog. sorry.

  3. hey you guys know divine comedy people right? Can you set me up with Matt Meese! I would be so happy!

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