Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to work

This week was my first week back to work at a new job. Yet another job! But this is one is so legit and perfect for me it's not even funny. I get to talk to women all day about... breastfeeding... and get paid. I know I've already told most everyone and blogged about it but it's too cool to not talk about again. The next few weeks I get to train under an experienced lactation specialist, and oh woman, is there a lot to learn still! I thought I knew a lot about breastfeeding, but wow, there is still so much to learn. I learned so many neat tricks about increasing milk supply, latching on, dealing with mastitis and thrush. I can hardly handle all of the interesting information that's coming into my brain. Besides getting to answer questions and offer advice on breastfeeding, I also get to play with $2500 hospital-grade pumps... put them together, take them apart, clean them, issue them. AND if I have another baby while I work there, I get to borrow one for a year! Medela Symphonys are beautiful objects. WIC also just started a program where they issue double electric pumps (Medela Pump-n-Styles/Ameda Purely Yours) for free (to keep forever) to moms that are going back to work/school and sign a release to not receive infant formula. Isn't that amazing?? I love my place of work.

Not only am I liking my job, Tim is loving staying at home (he told me). If only the weather would get a little warmer... but nonetheless, he looks very sexy in stay-at-home dad clothes and even bought himself some new grey skinny jeans a few days ago.

Tim also made the most yummy lasagna last night for dinner. He cooks, he cleans, he takes care of the little one (and he's very attractive)! What's not to love about this man?

In Theodore news, he has a double ear infection (it's very mild) and gets to take antibiotics for the first time.  You better bet we'll be dosing up ourselves on the probiotics to avoid thrush -- I talked to enough moms this week about "stabbing, burning pain" to want to avoid it myself.

Oh, and he failed his hearing test this week, but it MIGHT have been due to the fluid in his ear from being sick. So.... we get to do another one when he's better! Fourth time's a charm, I suppose. We have an appointment with an ENT next week anyways for his tonsils/adenoids so we'll just throw checking his ears into the mix as well.

Annnndddd.... an anecdote to accompany the updates: I'm a terribly unprepared mother who never brings diapers/wipes/snacks/books anywhere because I always forget to throw it in my bag. Today, Theo pooped at the doctor's office and I had nothing. So... I borrowed a much too large disposable diaper and changed him in the bathroom but didn't have anywhere to put the cloth one.... so I just threw it away. It was only a prefold, thank goodness, but I still felt  bad about it. Luckily these particular prefolds only cost about 75 cents so I wasn't out too much money.


  1. I want to know the tricks for increasing milk supply. And how would I get my hands on a hospital grade pump when I have another baby? A friend told me she rented one, but I have no idea how to go about it. Perfect job for you.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful job. Our WIC program here gives that same breast pumps to working moms who will commit to breastfeed for 1 year. You get to keep it forever. I was able to get one when Heber was born and it was so wonderful. I used it for him and my next and now my sister is using. It probably save us $300 and was such a blessing. I'm so glad you are doing something you love for a job.

  3. That is awesome about the pump!! wish it had been that way when i borrowed mine i had to bring it back when Abby hit a year.